A True Mystery has been Solved!

A mystery I never in a million years would have imagined would be solved, but thanks to some attentive eyes yet one more mystery has been solved. Now you might think I'm a little crazy and you'd may be right but I'm sure you will too when you hear the good news. It is something I never thought we would find out more details about but somehow we did. By looking at the three pictures I think you have an idea what's been found and you're right; that magnificent necklace/tiara and those stunning earrings are after a long time found sold at an Bruun Rasmussen auction back in 2012. Three years later Mary showed up at a gala concert on occasion of Queen Margrethe's forthcoming 75th birthday in April (below), wearing a "new" necklace and a pair of earrings never seen before. She stunned the world with her new jewellery and everybody kept asking the same question: where's it from? Because of the style I was sure it could have been inherited from one of Crown Prince Frederik's great great something grandmothers. But no one seemed to have any idea where to find out more about these two new pieces. Many guessed, including myself, that there was a great chance the necklace could be worn as a tiara, just like her wedding tiara can do both. Wupti, one year later, in 2016, Mary appeared at a gala dinner wearing her neck piece as a tiara on top of her head (above). Once again we began asking ourselves and other royal lovers, where to find out more about it. Still, nothing. Then suddenly a Danish magazine reported that Mary herself had purchased both pieces on an auction but that was all, no further information. Enough about all that talking. Today I received two photos showing Mary's necklace/tiara and earrings inside a catalog from Bruun Rasmussen's Bredgade auction, which is where all the exclusive pieces are sold: here and here It showed how beautifully both earrings and necklace are featuring rose and old-cut diamonds, rubies and spinels. Furthermore it says that: "The necklace was originally used as a tiara." Of all my heart I hope we will get to see her use both pieces over and over again in the future because it suits her so well and simply makes her look like the star she is!

Celebrating Easter at Marselisborg Palace

Wednesday, March 23rd 

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary celebrated easter along with their four children -Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine - at Marselisborg Palace in Aarhus along with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. 

According to Billed Bladet did Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik arrive to Marselisborg Palace in Aarhus a couple of days before the Crown Prince couple and their four children, to be more precise on Monday 21th. To celebrate easter along with the royal couple, Frederik and Mary arrived there in the afternoon two days later on March 23rd. I knew that the couple and their children somehow had been seen in Aarhus but because I was on vacation on the island of Bornholm to celebrate my easter, I didn't really think about when I came home again. Suddenly a few pictures appeared of the Queen, Frederik, Mary, Christian and Isabella going to church on Maundy Thursday in Aarhus Cathedral; a beautiful medieval church with a 96 meter high tower which makes it the highest church in Denmark. For some years it has been a tradition for the royal family members to meet at Marselisborg few times a year to celebrate some of these small holidays together. Just a couple of weeks ago a documentary was broadcasted on TV in Denmark about Marselisborg Palace told by the Queen herself. This is still available online right here, if you have an interest in watching it. It shows a sincere and heartwarming Queen telling about her beloved palace, a little history about the place and some of her own memories. Because Frederik lived there, in the building next to, all the time he studied at Aarhus University, he knows all about the palace and for sure have some great memories himself. Now he's there, making new memories, with his wonderful wife and four amazing children. Because we didn't see Prince Joachim and Princess Marie at the church services on March 23rd, I guess the couple weren't there. According to several medias we will see the Crown Prince couple again when the Presidential couple from Mexico are on official state visit in Denmark from April 13 to 14th. So keep your fingers crossed because this possibly means a gala dinner with evenings gowns and tiaras. Yeah!

At the church services Mary was dressed in her navy blue coat worn when she along with Queen Margrethe in 2015 participated in the presentation of the annual christmas seal. Nor at that time or now I have an ID on this dazzling coat but I'm sure you all clearly remember it. Because of the few pictures published I have a hard time recognizing what she is wearing. But I see some kind of navy blue shirt featuring what I believe is small white birds. I would so much like to say it in full length but unfortunately there are no photos of that which is why I hope we will see it soon again without the coat covering it. In the same colour she wore trousers and a pair of pumps, such as gloves and her Quidam clutch. The beautiful earrings are from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. By the way, is her hair darker than usual? She matched her navy blue outfit with the stunning red nail polish, the rose golden Georg Jensen bracelet and three diamond rings, two of them from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen as the earrings. The send bracelet in a purple colour I don't believe we have seen before.

Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Lotus Drop Earrings SGD$ 4,150
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen White Gold Love Bands DKK 19.900
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Rose Gold Torun Bracelet DKK 27.300
Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch

An Interview with a Purpose

So I'm back from my vacation and I really had a great time along with my friend who showed by the most wonderful places on the island of Bornholm. With sea on all sides and incredible nature it was a fantastic experience. While I way away not much has happen but the day before I left Bornholm suddenly I came across five new amazing pictures. Then I realized that the pictures were a part of an interview published by the newspaper Berlingske, which you might remember sharing those stunning photos from when she turned 40 years old back in 2012.  At that time she was photographed by Linda Henriksen, this time did Linda Kastrup take five amazing photos of Denmark's future Queen who was interview by Ole Damkjær about her role in the fight for gender equality and violence against women. In this exclusive interview with Berlingske, Mary also talks about who she manages to use her title as Crown Princess of Denmark in her work with the humanitarian work, as patron of  among other the United Nations Population Fund and Danish Refugee Council. We get answers from a very humble Crown Princess who differently has found her thing to work for. Because of her natural curiosity, she follows closely what's happening around the world and everything that has something to do with her work wherever its as representative of Denmark or as a High Task Force Level member, which was created to focus on the global fight for girls and women's rights. Mary emphasizes that by focusing on girls and women also benefits the society. Studies has shown that if ten percent more girls would go to school it will increase the country's GDP by an average of three percent. This was only one example taken from the interview which if differently worth reading. I think we meet a sincere, humble and knowledgeable woman, who also happen to be the Crown Princess of Denmark, who knows what she is talking about with a clear vision of what she works to obtain; a world with gender equality, equal possibilities and reversing the social norm in which it is allowed to engage in violence against women. It all sound overwhelming but one step at a time, Mary takes up the challenge. You can read the interview right here.  As a style blog I simply just have to give her my sincere compliment with her choice of clothing's!

Conference on UN's 17th World Goals for Sustainable Development

Friday, March 18th

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of UN's 17 World Goals for Sustainable Development conference at Dansk Industri in Copenhagen. 

It is no secret that Mary has been committed in the fight for girls and women's rights, health and well-being. She is patron of several national and international organizations, foundations and associations. Mary has often been one of the most wanted key note speakers at international conferences. She is advocate for an open dialogue is the first step to a better world with an understanding of gender equality and the benefits that are to focus on girls and women's lives. How little things can help to change the vision we have on gender equality; to focus on girls and women worldwide to improve their situation will, for sure, trigger a wheel of changes which would naturally happens -education gives the opportunity for a future with more money, the ability to take proper care of a family, a job will make life more stabile and so on. I could mention benefits after benefits of this approach as Mary  is the head of with her sincere commitment. Of course she is not the only one to work for a world without poverty, better opportunities for women and sustainable environmental approaches because in 2015 at a meeting in New York with the United Nations adopted by world leaders 17 world goals dealing with these things and many more around the environment, economy and socially. These 17 world goals are kind of guidelines for the next 15 years to develop sustainable solutions. Now about a year later Mary attended the opening of UN's 17 World Goals for Sustainable Development conference in Copenhagen with a ten minutes long speech in English why this is so important; something we can not ignore. We need to deal with issues as the environment and how we improve the living conditions for the poor part of the world's population. Early morning she arrived to Dansk Indutri in Copenhagen with a smile on her lips and twinkle in the eyes. She was welcomed by the flower girl Frida who handed over a wonderful bouquet of flowers to the Crown Princess. As written in almost every article from her attendance, Frida is a little special flower girl because she was born on the same day, same year and at the same hospital as Princess Isabella. As Frida, Isabella is grown to a beautiful young girl. Impressed by her speech, representatives from all over the world were gathered to make the opening of the conference unique. I haven't been able to find the speech anywhere but I'd bet it was good. Mary is a true speaker and knows how to get everybody's attention.

What a professional and good looking outfit Mary had chosen for the opening. The mix between something modern and fresh with kinda neutral colours. This was differently an outfit I would wear without doubting for a second. Everything looks really good, especially to this time a year where we still have changeable weather from sunshine to rainy days. What I first noticed about her look was the combo of work wear and rather casual hairstyle. A great choice! Funny why I noticed her ponytail as the first thing because it's just so normal, I believe it is the most used hairstyle by women across the globe. Easy, simple and practical. Let's for a moment talk about clothes. I'm a huge fan of matching sets, like in the 50s. Love then her skirt and blouse are made of the same fabric. Amazing every time. That checkered print reminded me of something.... When a reader mentioned the same, I was probably right. With her help we were able to locate which skirt we were both thinking of, a skirt worn last year at a meeting with Women Deliver to plan this years conference held in Denmark in May. At that time I was not able to identify where it came from, it reminds me a lot of a Dolce & Gabbana print but now when I see it as a set, I thought maybe Baum und Pferdgarten. Only an idea. Still I haven't found it and it's a least from a one year old collection which makes it a little harder to track down. You are more than welcome to help out and if you find something I hope you will share your findings with me. Thanks! This burgundy set, she paired with a lack turtleneck, sheer tights and shiny black pumps possibly from Gianvito Rossi. I think I see her rose gold Georg Jensen bracelet as well on her right wrist. In addition, Mary added a pair of round diamond earrings such as the black Bottega Veneta tote. I already have talked about the hairstyle. Fantastic! Just like her makeup; wauw! Lovely eye makeup and stunning colour to her lips.

Bag: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag DKK 19,689.35
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold DKK 27,300

Possible ID's
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Black Patent Leather Pumps

Preview of the Film "Concussion"

Wednesday, March 16th

Crown Princess Mary attended the preview of the film Concussion in Copenhagen, as patron of the Stroke Association (Hjernesagen) and Brain Injury Association (Hjerneskadeforeningen).

The Stroke Association / Hjernesagen
With the motto 'life with a stroke' works the Stroke Association / Hjernesagen as an association for people affected by a blood clot or bleeding within the brain. They are a private national association also working with the relatives of those living with a stroke. They are working to make treatment better, to prevent and ensure that rehabilitation is the best offered to the patients. Read more here

Brain Injury Association / Hjerneskadeforeningen
Over 120.000 people live with some kind of brain damage in Denmark. The Brain Injury Association  / Hjerneskadeforeningen works to improve the terms for both patients as well as their relatives, they convey knowledge about the life with a brain injury. With the vision that saved life should also be lived, the Brain Injury Association do everything to make life as untroubled as possible for the 20.000 adults and children who each year are affected by a brain injury. Read more here.


I seems to have lost track of time these days because it keeps surprises me Mary is going somewhere. I enjoy writing these posts and always look forward to her next appearance but some how I missed both her attendance at Christiansborg Castle two days ago and the fact that she attended the preview of a film yesterday evening. This is why I appreciate I have someone to remind me of where she's going. It came as a surprise to me that Mary had been at a preview film premiere but thanks to some attentive readers, I'm no way behind posting about her latests participations. So Mary was last night at the preview film premiere of Concussion accompanied by her former sister-in-law, Countess Alexandra. Married with Prince Joachim from 1995-2005 where they got a divorce. Later she married  photographer Martin Jørgensen, in 2007, which she has also divorced now. Of course you know all about this. Just to make sure everybody knows who she is. They both attended as patron for each their patronages: the Stroke Association (Hjernesagen), the Brain Injury Association (Hjerneskadeforeningen)  and Countess Alexandra as patron of Parkinson Association (Parkinsonforeningen). The reason why it makes sense to mention this is because of film. Concussion tells the story of neuropathology Dr. Bennet Omalu, who discover the fact that football players are permanently injured with brain damage caused by the sport and who they are struggling with the injuries. It is based on a real story. Actors like Will Smith, Albert Brooks and David Morse all plays a significant role in the film. The premieres is March 24th in Danish cinemas. If you would like to read a little more about about the film, you find it here. Shortly after each other did the two guests of honor arrived to the Imperial Cinema in Copenhagen, first Countess Alexandra and then Mary who was welcomed by national chairman of the Stroke Association, Bruno Christiansen and national secretary of the Brain Injury Association, Niels Anton Svendsen. Perfectly coordinated. Both showed a sincere interest and joy for the film they were about to see. Mary and Alexandra were not the only one to attend the preview, several Danish celebrities did also enjoy an evening in the cinema. Wonder if the two former sisters-in-law got a seat next to each other?

Well, I have to say that I was glad to see Mary and Countess Alexandra attend an event together. It is so many years since that last happened and as former sisters-in-low, I'm sure they both enjoy seeing each other again at an official event. I think it would be appropriate to talk a little about Alexandra's outfit as well because of her former status as Princess of Denmark and the fact that she is a really well dressed woman. I believe she was wearing some kind of grey knitted dress underneath that warm grey jacket which I would have loved to see her without. As Mary she has chosen knee length pointed boots, which I will talk much more about later. The Countess added a slash of colours to her outfit with a hot pink clutch that looks so much like Mary's from Carlend Copenhagen. If you manage to find a picture of her, I recommend you to take a look at her earrings. So stylish and trendy! As always Mary surprised me with her chose of clothing's. It was a great mix of brand new items and some old goodies. At first my eyes was naturally drawn to the skirt she wore. That golden, shiny A-line skirt from Prada (Fall 2004) is just amazing to see again! It's quite some years sine she has worn it and I love that the fact that we get to see some of these old goodies again. Wearing this skirt again she shows how perfect you can reuse your clothes even after all these years. I think 2016 will be a year where we get to see much more reused pieces from the old days. Thanks to you I managed to find a photo from, what I would say, is the first time she wore the gold/brown skirt. It was in 2004 when she and Frederik attended the world wide celebration of the birth of writer Hans Christian Andersen. You see her in the skirt right above. Then again in 2006 at a WHO reception and of course we have the event in 2009 at a film premiere. Clear to see something has happened to her, the time has made her much more mature (of course) but still she looks as sweet. She paired the skirt with a brand new navy blue blouse which I haven't been able to identify yet. It features a lovely criss-cross detail around the neck. Maybe you have an idea where the blouse could be from, unfortunately I do not. I like the way she matched the skirt with the blouse and red nail polish, that's really beautiful! As jewellery she wore the golden Georg Jensen bracelet and a pair of round diamond earrings. And accessorized with the stunning Naledi Copenhagen clutch, her outfit works really well till we start talking about her chose of shoes. I simply loved these boots when we first saw them at Copenhagen Fashion Week last year with the blue Edith & Ella dress but this time... I'm not a fan, it looks strange. It makes her look shorter. What was your first impression of the brown Gianvito Rossi boots? Which will be myst last question for today. 

Skirt: Prada Multicolor A-Line Skirt
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold DKK 27,300
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Allana Latte Beige Ostric Clutch DKK 5,969
Boots: Gianvito Rossi Suede Over-the-Knee Boots €1055

A Cultural Evening at Christiansborg Castle

Tuesday, March 15th

Queen Margrethe hosted an evening dinner for representatives from Danish art and culture at Christiansborg Castle. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte did also attended the dinner. 

Billedbladet.dk 1 2
Frederiketmary.centerblog.net 1

I knew that the Queen would host a dinner at Christiansborg Castle but I came as a surprise to me that Frederik and Mary also would attend. But it makes great sense, because when the Queen back in 2009 hosted the same event the Crown Prince couple also attended. 340 special guests were invited to last nights gala dinner. Representatives, all of which deals with art and culture in Denmark from designers to actors and singers. Around 6:30 pm. local time, the first guests arrived to Christiansborg Castle. All women dressed in magnificent floor length dresses and classic suits for the men. Met by the press, journalists and photographers, they expressed their excitement to take part in the dinner. As etiquette prescribes, the royal family members arrives in a specific order -first Princess Benedikte, then Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, now Frederik and Mary and as the last one the Queen arrives. No one arrived after the Queen, she is always the last. Unfortunately, a few guests were a little late and had to enter another entrance. Before the guests finds their seats in Banquet hall, with the stunning black and white checkered floor and colourful tapestries, traditionally they get a glass of champagne till the royal family are ready to welcome them all with a handshake which occurred in the Drabant hall. And yes, all 340 guests were given a handshake. Standing in rank, Margrethe, Frederik, Mary, Joachim, Marie and Benedikte kindly welcomed the guests. Because Queen Margrethe is troubled standing for so long, she sat on a fine chair upholstered in red fabric, the same colour as her elegant dress. After the many guests had taken their seats in the magnificent decorated Banquet hall, the six royal family members made their entrance. They found their seats round six different tables. The dinner and entertainment were enjoyed privately behind closed doors. This evening has its history back to 1976, four years after Margrethe became Queen of Denmark. At that time it was called Arts et Lettres (Art and Letters). Since then, the dinner has been hosted by the couple in '85, '98 and then in 2009. If you have an interest who was on the guest list, you have it here and some pictures from preparing the dinner, here. You see film directors, singers, artists, fashion designers and a single football player on the guest list. I'm pretty sure it is a true pleasure to receive an invitation from the Queen to attend a dinner like this. A true honor.

At yesterday's post from when Mary visited Odense, I asked you if you thought we would see a new evening gown or if she would be wearing one of her old goodies. I had the feeling we might get something new to adore and WE DID! One new spectacular evening gown with the most wonderful details to look at. I watched the live broadcast on TV and as always I was so impatient to see what she was wearing. Just the way they entered the room was beautifully. Frederik in his classic black suit and bow tie, next to Mary in her new transparent evening gown. Wauw, what a sight! The style of the dress is very modern because of the slim silhouette, makes the best out of her figure. It features a sheer top, cap-sleeves, the sense of a wide around neckline and a low back which really gives us something to look at. I'm not sure I see any train on the dress or maybe a little one. I like the way the designer chose to add this black "lace" on top of a beige figure hugging dress. The speaker suggested that Danish fashion designer Mark Tan was the creator of her dress but I have to say that I do not know that much about his style or designs to tell if it was correct. While watching the arrival and welcoming ceremony, I shared my thoughts with one of the most dedicated readers I have. Suddenly she said to me: "I have the dress". What?! Already. And there it was, Mary's new stunning dress found by Kate at Temperley London (Spring 2014). I still wonder how she managed to find it so quickly but she did and for that I'm very grateful. By the way, then Mary added a black belt with flowers to her outfits. Now when we know where her dress is from, I think it's about time to talk about the rest of her evening outfit. Because I feel drawn to the hairdo, this voluminous beautiful twisted updo is simply incredible. Makes a great balance between the slim dress and few accessories. I so much hope I will be able to find a better photo of her hair, also to see the tiara which has already had much publicity. At first I didn't notice it but then I saw that something was different from her wedding tiara. Sure the reason is because it's not her wedding tiara but the necklace she wore during a gala show when Queen Margrethe turned 75 years old. Like everybody else I would like to find out where this tiara comes from. So far I haven't read any information's about where it comes from, who made it (if it's new, which I do not believe it is), if it was a gift etc. All these questions I would like to answer but right know I can't. With the little knowledge I have about old royal tiaras and jewelleries, it looks old to me. Also the fact because that it's usable as both a necklace and a tiara. It was much used back in days to have jewelleries that could be used as different pieces, not just as a tiara or necklace but both. I'll do what I can to see if I can trace the tiara. Maybe I'm lucky on this one. As the Queen's birthday, she wore the exact same earrings. She added a black clutch and Gianvito Rossi pumps to her evening outfit such as her rose gold Georg Jensen bracelet and three diamond rings, two of them from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I also want you to notice the stunning red nail polish matching her lips colour. I really think we saw something special at the dinner, a certain glove I can't describe but I'm sure you know what I mean. She wear her royal title with pride and elegance. It looks all natural. Absolutely stunning she is!

No. 1  Crown Princess Mary
No. 2  Actor, Sisse Babett Knudsen
No. 3  Princess Marie
No. 4  Actoresss, Ellen Hillingsøe
No. 5  Wife of film director Bille August, Sarah-Marie Maltha

There were so many beautiful dressed women I would like to talk about as well but instead, so this post will also get an end, I'll make it short. I've made a top 5 of my personal favourite dresses from yesterday and I would really like to see yours. I also want to mention how dazzling Princess Marie looked at the dinner in her navy blue lace gown and flower tiara. She deserves to be among my top five but there were so many amazing dresses I could make a top 100. Do you saw some dresses you just loved? Now I think it's enough for today.

Dress: Temperley London Black Textured Long Trellis Gown €2200
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold DKK 27.300
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Patent Leather Mid Heel Pumps DKK 2.345

With the Mary Foundation in Odense

March, Tuesday 15th

Along with the Mary Foundation, Crown Princess Mary visited the Mother's Help (Mødrehjælpen) and Odense Shelter (Odense Krisecenter) in Odense. 


I'm sure Mary is busy planning the Women Deliver 2016 Conference as Denmark this year hosts from May 16-19. As patron of the conference, Mary only have about one and a half month left to get everything under control to the world's largest conference on health, rights and well-being of girls and women. It takes countless hours to plan a huge event like this, which may be the reason why we haven't seen her that much since their visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. When I look in her calendar I see some great events in the near future. One of them is actually tonight. Yes, you heard me. The Queen hosts a evening party for art and culture at Christiansborg Castle at 7:30 pm. local time. I completely missed that Frederik and Mary will also attend today's gathering, such as Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte. This is indeed something to look forward to. A little tip; you can follow the guests arriving here at 6:50 pm. local time. I'll be watching! Do you think she will be wearing something new or one of her old evening gowns?

Today she was at island of Funen to visit the Mother's Help (Mødrehjælpen) and Odense Shelter (Odense Krisecenter) because of one of the Mary Foundations projects, Advice for Life (Råd til Livet), which aims to help battered women with economic, legal and social counseling from volunteer counselors. The two placed she visited both uses Advice for Life as a tool helping these women to get back on track. When she arrived to the Mother's Help counseling in Odense she was kindly welcomed by a little flower boy handing over a beautiful bouquet of flowers to her. At the same time she was greeted by Counseling CEO Charlotte Wæver and Director of the Mother's Help Mads Roke Clausen. All of them seemed delighted to meet Mary such as she was happy to meet them. With a cop a coffee, Mary had some time to hear for her self how one of the Mary Foundation's projects are working in reality. Her interest showed off with the question she asked sitting around the table with representatives from the Mother's Help. After she visited with the same excitement Odense Shelter where she met some of the women Advice for Life is created to help who all were very happy to meet the Crown Princess. They told her some of their stories and how Advice for Life has helped them to get back on track after living with a violent boyfriend or husband. To a journalist Mary expressed how brave she think the women are, because it's differently not easy to talk about something like having been exposed to violence. More than once Mary has told how important she think the dialog is fighting again for instance domestic violence. How important it is that we are open to talk about taboos because only then we are able to change it. She also mentioned the children of these women who is also a part of the process. They are right dealing with some issues no children should have to deal with. So one step at a time they will recover from what they have experienced, women and children.

At first I thought "yeah a brand new dress!". After a closer look I had to correct that to "yeah a brand new blouse!" because that's what it is, a new blouse in the most incredible dusty colour featuring a rather wide belt. Because the weather in Denmark right now are all just foggy and windy (and cold not to forget!), it's really not time for fine summer dresses and floral skirt -yet. I still prefer cozy coats and warm boots that's for sure. With her new blouse, which has this magnificent shape, and black trousers she created a great balance between weather and clothes. I had the feeling that her new blouse could be from the Danish designer Baum und Pferdgarten but now it has been identified as BOSS Hugo Boss by Kate! A very different designer than I thought. As the trousers she wore a black turtleneck to keep warm in the wind. Kate suggested that the trousers could be from Hugo Boss, honestly I can't tell but now you know what thoughts others have. Why she wasn't wearing some kind of coat or jacket is not clear to me but wasn't spending any time outside only the few minutes when she walked from the car and shortly after found a nice warm spot around the table talking with representatives from the Mother's Help. Well, it's not the first time it surprises me she's not wearing any outwear. Unfortunately not that many pictures have been published which makes it's difficult for me to identify which pair of shoes she is wearing. My first guess was her SAND Copenhagen pumps or maybe the bicolor Prada pumps because they would be a great match to her red nail polish. By the way when we are talking about nail polish, then I makes me thrilled to see her wear the colour again. I kinda missed it, maybe because she wore it so much a couple of months back and of course because the red colour is my personal favourite when it comes to choosing the next colour to wear. Back to the shoes. A reader shared her thoughts with me and some photos which shows a pair of pointed black pumps featuring a really (!) high heel. Her guess, which looks really similar to the one she is actually wearing, is Gianvito Rossi worn at a previous event. Mary chose to wear only a few simple jewellery. I noticed a pair of new earrings featuring a large black pearl, probably a black Tahitian pearl. Because of the two round golden circle above the pearl I assume it's a design by Dulong Fine Jewelry. They have this round circle as a characteristic in their designs. Seen multiple times before. Just to make sure; I have no confirmation that Dulong Fine Jewelry is in fact the creator, it's just something I assume because of the design. It's a classic Marianne Dulong design, also when it comes to materials. If you take a look at the video at Billed Bladet's website, you see some really really good close ups of the earrings and maybe you see the same as I do. About the bracelet, then I'm pretty sure Mary wore her Georg Jensen bracelet seen a lot at the stay in Saudi Arabia, also in Qatar, but after a closer look I'm not sure if it's in rose gold or maybe silver. What do you see? On her right hand she also wore three rings, two of them are diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I hope to find more pictures to be sure about the shoes such as bracelet. Maybe more photos will make it easier to find her new blouse as well. So, tell me what do you think about this outfit? 

Blouse: BOSS Hugo Boss Itoni Belted Top
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold DKK 27,300
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands

Possible ID's
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Trousers: BOSS Hugo Boss Atonia by BOSS
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Black 100 Suede Pumps €510

Day 5. Official State Visit to Saudi Arabia & Qatar

Thursday, March 3rd

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are visiting Saudi Arabia and Qatar on a five days official state visit from February 28th March 3rd. They royal couple are accompanied by a business delegation of 44 Danish companies and 3 Danish politicians.

Program: Qatar

Crown Princess Mary
  • 8:15 am. Crown Princess Mary visited Qatar Academy where she met with teachers and students. 
  • 8:50 am. Crown Princess Mary visited Qatar Foundation who work with education, science and the development of society with special emphasis on girls' education. 
Crown Prince Frederik
  • 8:30 am. Crown Prince Frederik visited the port area Ras Laffan were he also visited Oryx GTL factory (Gas to Liquid)
The Crown Prince couple
  • 10:30 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary met with Emir of Qatar -H.H. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.
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Crown Princess Mary visiting Qatar Academy & Qatar Foundation

A busy week has passed, but the couple had one more day left in Qatar before leaving for Denmark. I bet their children have missed their parents and look forward to get them home again. The Crown Princess' day started way earlier than the day before. On this last day she payed a visit to Qatar Academy as the guest of honor. When she arrived to the local school, she was in a splendid mood. The pupils were just as thrilled to met the Crown Princess. The children proudly shared drawings of princesses with her -princesses dressed in white dresses and a crown on her head. Not what she is typically wearing in the everyday's, but one of the children had made a very special crown to her featuring dolphins. The Crown Princess also tried on the beautiful flower wreath she was given. A wonderful moment that gave a smile all over her face. Within that half an hour she visited the local school, she also practiced reading on the floor. A down on earth Crown Princess with lots of time to everybody. While Crown Prince Frederik visited port area Ras Laffan, were he also visited Oryx GTL factory (Gas to Liquid), his wife visited Qatar Foundation, where she met with her Highness Sheikha Mozah Al Missned with whom she had a really good conversation with during the visit.

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary meeting with Emir of Qatar

One last thing before the couple could take the 9 hours flight back home. It was a meeting with the Emir of Qatar, H.H. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. He was the one to welcome the couple. He kindly asked the Crown Prince, how their trip had been. He replied; it had been quite a busy week but really good. This was the final event the couple attended before going back to Denmark. I think it has been a really nice trip and I think the couple enjoyed the time together. They are both curious to visit new places in the world, which is why I believe especially this has been a lifetime experiences.
I have been a little afraid of writing about the trip, at least until they landed in Saudi Arabia. Much negative had already been written and I wouldn't be the one generate more negative publicity. But I have heard absolutely nothing. I am grateful for your understanding the situation and supporting a more positive mention. Thanks.

It ended as it started -with black trousers. I read somewhere that she was wearing a black jumpsuit, but I doubt that. She almost never wear jumpsuits and I see two types of fabrics. I have no idea, where any of these two piece are from. Actually, I had a hard time identifying anything new from this visit. My guess is that the black trousers is the same as she has worn the first days in Saudi Arabia and that the blouse could be a new one. I wonder if that scarf is a part of the blouse? One of the things we see Mary wear pretty often is these coats. A long white coat featuring black details, seen plenty of times before at all kinds of occasions. In the beginning I think it featured a collar. Sure you remember it. Another items worn at countless events, is the white pearl earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry (former Marianne Dulong). So, if you need just one pair of essential earrings -a pair of white pearl earrings are what you are looking for. One great accessory for day and night. Then she accessorized her outfit with a diamond bracelet and once again her Georg Jensen bracelet worn almost every day the last week, such as the black Carlend Copenhagen clutch. The large pearl ring is from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Four accessories we know all about. What I see, she's wearing the black Gianvito Rossi pumps. Her makeup was natural and beautiful as always.

Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Patent Leather Mid Heel Pumps

Day 4. Official State Visit to Saudi Arabia & Qatar

Wednesday, March 2d

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are on a five days official state visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar along with a business delegation of 44 Danish companies and 3 danish politicians from February 28th to March 3rd.

Program: Qatar

The Crown Prince Couple
  • 2:00 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited Maersk Oil's headquarters in Qatar and was introduced to One Collaborative Working Environment. 
  • 3:30 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited Aspire Academy, which is one of the world's leading sports academies for children and young people. 
  • 7:35 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited Doho Museum of Islamic Art.
  • 8:00 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a dinner. During the dinner was the HRH Prince Henrik's Medal of Honour and Export Association Diploma handed over by Crown Prince Frederik. 
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Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary during their first day in Qatar

The day before yesterday was very busy for the couple. Around 8 pm. the couple attended a reception at the Danish Embassy in Saudi Arabia and traveled to Qatar later that evening. With another long day ahead in Qatar, the Crown Prince first visited the Maersk Oil's headquarter, where they among others were introduced to the One Collaborative Working Environment project. As the royal couple caught everybody's attention at Maersk headquarter, they were the center of attention, when they visited Aspire Academy in Doho -the capital of Qatar. Aspire Academy is one of the world's leading sports academies for children and young people with every facility needed to develop skills no matter what sport you engage. The atmosphere was relaxed and journalists noticed how well the couple blended in among the players. I had the feeling that the couple really enjoyed their time playing some football. Former football player Ebbe Sand met the royal couple and was truly impressed.

Finally we see something else than black trousers. I already have explained everything there is to say about black trousers about now, so I really made me trilled to see another pair of trousers, which at the same time is new. Late last night I received a few bad quality pictures from their visit at the Aspire Academy in Doho and at first I thought we had seen this pair of trousers before, at the opening of the Copenhagen Fashion Week last month. That was all wrong, except that the two of them are from same designer Julie Fagerholt Heartmade. Kate found the model. Matched with the other pieces she looked smashing. It has been told that her vest is from Zara. I will make it completely clear, once and for all, it is from Danish designer 2nd Day. Think the reason why some of you still believe in Zara, is because that was what I first posted when she wore it at a Free of bullying Seminar in October last year, here. Then we have a new powder pink blouse. Looks to me like some kind of soft silk blouse featuring lovely details as fabric-covered buttons and pleating around the neck. Can't find it. To match the navy blue sleeveless blazer, Mary chose her blue Quidam clutch and suede pumps from Pura Lopez. I also see a pink ring on her right hand. Think it is new as well. Some of these accessories really trouble me. With a half updo, a magnificent pink lips gloss and diamond earrings from Hartmann'd I really liked how she played with different colours, length and shapes.

Sleeveless blazer: 2nd Day Alecia (Navy Blazer)
Trousers: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Neta Pants
Earrings: Hartmann's
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff
Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch
Shoes: Pura Lopez High Heels Navy

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary visiting the Doho Museum of Islamic Art and a following dinner

It was a beautiful evening in Qatar, when the royal couple arrived to Doho Museum of Islamic Art, where they were warmly welcomed by Sheikha Al-Mayassa Al-Thani. They were given a guided tour to see the incredible exhibition and guided by the museums culture expert, who told about all the treasures. They both showed interest in many of these magnificent cultural treasures that shows a great part of Islamic history. I believe it was a really beautiful experience for the couple, who after the guided tour, crossed the bridge inside the museum to host a dinner only for special invited guests. Every guest invited, were welcomed by the Crown Prince couple with a handshake and a few words. I feel that there was a sincere respect between the royal couple and their guest. Because this is the last evening in Qatar, before the are going home to Denmark again, the evening was celebrated a proper way.

What an outfit. A symphony a colours. Mary is truly a master of colours and knows how to wear them with perfectly. Think the skirt is what we all noticed first. Never thought we would see her wear anything like this, but when I think about it; why not? Always exciting to see her outfits. Would really like to hear your thoughts, because this is a piece you either love or hate. Personally, I can't wait to see it again. I have had so many ideas, where to find this new wonder -Free People, Temperley London, Alice + Olivia, Ted Baker etc. About now, I haven't found anything that looks similar. Any ideas? She embraced the style by wearing a black blouse featuring details I didn't see at first glance. Turns out, it's lace. Some of my royal fellows suggested Dolce & Gabbana as a possible designer for the blouse. Still, think it is a possibility but I can't tell for sure. Accessory talk. The Gianvito Rossi shoes matched the blouse perfectly, such as the pink Carlend Copenhagen clutch. As a master of colours, Mary is a also master of choosing the right jewellery. This time she dazzled wearing Annikat earrings, a Georg Jensen bracelet and diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Love the combo of pink lipgloss and blue earrings. One last thing to mention is the hairstyle. It is simply stunning.

Earrings: Annikat Blue Aquamarine Earrings
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Patent Leather Mid Heel Pumps

Possible identification
Blouse: Dolce & Gabbana

Day 3. Official State Visit to Saudi Arabia & Qatar

Tuesday, March 1st

Along with a business delegation of 44 Danish companies and 3 politicians, the Crown Prince couple is on an official state visit to Saudi Arabia & Qatar from February 28th to March 3rd.

Program: Saudi Arabia

The Crown Prince Couple
  • 9:45 am. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited King Abdullahs Financial District in Riyadh. 
  • 12:30 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a dinner with Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 
  • 2:00 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of a Mercantec event.
  • 2:35 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, leading hospital when it comes to research in Saudi Arabia.
  • 8:00 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a reception at the Danish Embassy in Saudi Arabia. 
Crown Prince Frederik
  • 11:00 am. Crown Prince Frederik visited the King Abdullah Center for Science and Technology accompanied by Minister of Business- and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen. 
Crown Princess Mary
  • 11:30 am. Crown Princess Mary and Minister of Health and Elderly Sophie Løhde visited Kompan playground- and exercise room.
  • 3:15 pm Crown Princess Mary visited the King Khalid Foundation and Charity Organization headed by Princess Bandari.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in Riyadh

Around ten am. the royal couple from Denmark were ready to begin a new day in Saudi Arabia with a visit at construction site, dinners and charity organizations. They began the third day together and visited King Abdullahs Financial District in the capital Riyadh -the more wealthy part of Riyadh. Already from the morning they were in a splendid mood; creating a scene with helmets. Construction areas require helmets also when you are royalty. The Crown Princess straightened her hair and carefully place the helmet on her head while the Crown Prince was a little more trouble with his. Smiling, she gave her husband a little help to make sure the helmet was rightfully placed on his head. The construction side is a great example of a collaboration between Saudi Arabia and Danish architecture.
While the Crown Prince visited the King Abdullah Center for Science and Technology along with Minister of Business- and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen, the Crown Princess visited Danish designed Kompan playground- and exercise room with Minister of Health and Elderly Sophie Løhde. The atmosphere was relaxed and she really seemed to enjoy time with the kids on the playground. I noticed how much it made her smile. The local girls showed great curiosity for the Danish Crown Princess and after some time they moved closer to her. Openhearted as always, she gave them every minute of her time. The Crown Princess showed sincere interest in the kids and asked them about the playground. During the visit she also inaugurated a new fitness- and workout area by cutting the traditional red ribbon. Crown Prince Frederik also seemed to enjoy his visit at the King Abdullah Center for Science and Technology.

Despite she wore black trousers again, this outfit reminds me more of what she usually wears. I don't know what you think but I really like to see her a little more relaxed. I also love to see some colour even though they are discreet. I strongly believe we have seen her in this greenish coat before in 2012 when Queen Margrethe celebrated her 40th anniversary as Queen of Denmark, hereI also just realized she wore the coat, without collar, in 2014 during a state visit in Denmark from Turkey, here. A reader made me aware that she was also wearing a long cardigan underneath, though it's not that easy to see. She embraced the style with a pair of bicolor Prada pumps and a burgundy Hugo Boss clutch both seen at previous events. The match surprised me but it works. Once again, we was a golden Georg Jensen bracelet and diamond earrings. Finally, we have the smashing Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses to keep her eyes protected from the  Arabian sun. 

Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold
Clutch: Hugo Boss Purple Clutch
 Shoes: Prada Purple Bicolor suede Cutout Point-Toe Pump

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary at the reception at the Danish Embassy

After a long day, at 8 pm. the day wasn't quite finished yet. One more event before they were leaving for Qatar. Along with 300 special invited guests, from both Denmark and Saudi Arabia, and the host and Ambassador Ole Frijs-Madsen they royal couple attended a gala dinner at the Danish Embassy in Saudi Arabia. As the purpose of the trip, the gala dinner helped to establish contacts between the two countries. All along the Danish companies participating in this trip, have had plenty of time to create contacts with possible new business partners. The Crown Prince expressed a sincere joy of what he had seen so far. A glamorous reception was great way to end their stay in Saudi Arabia.

I have only seen very little from the dinner and the light wasn't that good, so it will not be the easies thing for me to tell about her outfit. To me it looks like a brand new blouse with long sleeves and no significant details. Despite these few details, several of you have already showed me one and the same blouse from Hugo Boss. Lack of details is not the reason why I haven't been able to identify her new printed maxi skirt. It's really because I can't figure out about that print -what it is or if it's just colours. Reminds me so much of a Hugo Boss pencil skirt of hers, which has a similar print. I am very open to hear your ideas and thoughts. Like her clothes, Mary seems way more relaxed at this dinner -casual as the outfit. I know it's not easy to see, but she was also wearing a black belt around her waist. Makes a good balance between upper- and lower body. I also see stunning earrings worn at a couple other events, but first identified recently as Annikat. The same designer as her incredible diamond wing cuff we love so much. She also wore a Georg Jensen bracelet. Looking all stunning, Mary topped off her look with a small clutch and SAND Copenhagen pumps.

Blouse: Hugo Boss Cilja Black Silk-Blend Blouse
Earrings: Annikat Diamond Earrings
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

Day 2. Official State Visit to Saudi Arabia & Qatar

Monday, February 29th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attends a business delegation to Saudi Arabia and Qatar from February 28th to March 3rd. They are accompanied by a business delegation of 44 Danish companies and three Danish politicians.

Program: Saudi Arabia

The Crown Prince Couple
  • 10:15 am. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of business promotion where the 44 Danish companies participate. Crown Prince Frederik gave a speech.
  • 12:30 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a WAX-seminar to share skills and solutions for water saving. 
  • 12:45 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of by a new warehouse owned by Arla. The royal couple inaugurated a miniature version of the warehouse at the business fair. 
  • 1:30 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a business dinner with with Danish and Saudi Arabian businesses. During the lunch Crown Prince Frederik handed over the HRH Prince Henrik's Medal of Honor. 
  • 8:55 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a dinner. 
Crown Princess Mary
  • 3:30 pm. Crown Princess Mary attended, on her own, a meeting with Saudi Arabian business women together with Minister of Health- and Elderly Sophie Løhde.

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary during the day

No time to resting. From early morning the royal couple were on the road. The first event planned for today was the opening of business promotion where the 44 Danish companies also participated. Accompanied by Minister of Health and Elderly Sophie Løhde and Minister of Business- and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen, the royal couple arrived to Al Faisaliah Hotel ready to attend the opening ceremony of the Danish Saudi Business Forum. Flower girls handed over nice bouquets to the Crown Princess at the arrival. Acting all calm, the couple entered the Prince Sultan Hall where the 300 invited guests were waiting, representing each and their own businesses. The 44 Danish companies were traveled all the long way to share knowledge, ideas and possibly contact information for future use with possible new Saudi Arabian companies. As a part of the opening ceremony the Crown Prince gave a speech, such as Ambassador Ole Frijs-Madsen. The Crown Prince also cut the red ribbon with a golden scissor helped by his wife and Dr. Zamil, Chairman of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce. Afterwards, the Crown Prince couple walked around Prince Sultan Hall and spoke to some of the Danish companies that were represented.
Crown Princess Mary also had a visit in Riyadh on her own where she met with Saudi Arabian business women together with Minister of Health- and Elderly Sophie Løhde. It made a big impression on her to meet these women, who live in a country where it's certainly not easy as a woman to move in the business world. To work for girls and women's rights is something she has expressed is really important for her. Clearly the meeting had a strong impact on her. 

I was right about the black trousers, it should not be the last time we came to see them. So far, I think Mary has handled the clothes situation really well. Despite the use of black, long trousers and bell-shaped coats I think she's doing good. A little strange to see her that covered up though I'm surprised how she manages to match clothes and still live up to the requirements there is. I understand why she's diligent and choose outfits that do not attract too much attention.Which I why I'm so glad to see her in this coat. It's a great balance between her usual workwear and restricted options. In a way this reminds me of something Queen Letizia would wear, I'm really not sure why. She's always seen wearing business wear, clean lines and print. By the way, I think this multicolour coat would look great on Queen Letizia as I did on Mary. Because it reminds me of Letizia's style, at first I was sure Hugo Boss could be the designer and I even found a similar coat but not exactly the same. I shared my thoughts with Lurdes and wupti, two seconds later she found it. Not at Boss but at Missoni. A designer I had not thought about at all. It's also quite some time since she has worn anything from that specific designer. Really what would I do without you? Therefor the honor goes to her! If I was you, I would take one more close look at this coat and the dazzling pattern. When you do that, take a notice of her hair too. A really lovely half updo, created of two separate twisted tufts of hair. I believe she was wearing her black SAND Copenhagen pumps and then of course, once again, Mary accessorized her look with the beautiful Carlend Copenhagen clutch. I see some brackets as well but the quality of the pictures are not good enough to tell which ones. The white pearl earrings and rings are from Marianne Dulong who, by they way changed their name to Dulong Fine Jewelry

Coat: Missoni Belted Coat in Multicolor
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa

Possible identification
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attending dinner at Al Faisaliah Hotel

Attending gala dinner at Al Faisaliah Hotel in Riyadh, the Crown Prince couple greeted over 300 special invited people before the dinner was about the begin. The dinner was held to gather all representatives from the Danish Saudi Business Forum, which the couple attended earlier in the morning. Minister of Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen, Minister of Health and Elderly Sophie Løhde and Minister of Business- and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen also participated the evening event. Lobster and lamp were, among others, served for dinner for the 300 guests including the Danish royal couple.

Usually we get to see Mary in some kind of evening dress when attending similar events. At yesterdays dinner she showed up wearing trousers and I loved it. Amazing to see how to style a pair of black trousers so many different ways. She matched the trousers with a coat never seen before. A very popular silhouette right now. Mary embraced it beautifully. It features a white colour block on sleeves and hemline. About the designers then I really don't know what to believe. A good friend of mine Kate showed me a model from Max Mara. Could be right but I can't tell for sure. Take a look and tell me what you think. The same goes with the new white blouse featuring embroidered details. So far we have seen her in international designers. As accessories Mary dazzled wearing black Gianvito Rossi pumps, beautiful earrings from Genius & Bach, a bracelet from Georg Jensen and that brilliant Carlend Copenhagen clutch. Once again she amazed me with her hairstyle and modest makeup.

Earrings: Cenius & Bach Amethyst Diamond Earrings
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi

Possible identification
Coat: Max Mara White Wool Colorblock Coat