Day 1: Official State Visit to Saudi Arabia & Qatar

Sunday, February 28th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attends a business delegation to Saudi Arabia and Qatar from February 28 - March 3. The royal couple are accompanied by Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen, Health and Elderly Minister Sophie Løhde and Business- and Growth Minister Troels Lund Poulsen. The business delegation Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary also are traveling with, consists of 44 different Danish companies. 

Program: Riyadh in Saudi Arabia

The Crown Prince Couple
  • Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visits the Saudi Arabien royal family. 1 2

February 27: Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary welcommed to Riyadh

Despite all the fuss about this trip, it's something I've been looking forward to. An official state visit is always exciting news and it's nice to finally see Mary again and even accompanied by Frederik. Unfortunately, I got a cold and my energy level is close to zero. What I try to say, is that please bear with me if I do not reply your mails or do not write a post about from their visit right away. Be patient. Thanks. On the other hand, because of this cold, I'm tied to my bed and have plenty of time to write. It's just energy I need, not time. But of course I will keep you update on their trip and I hope you ready to follow the couple here with me on the blog. Because there has been so much bad talking about their visit, it is important for me to say that I will only be focusing on the couple as I would do on any other official state visit. It does not mean I do not care, I do but if we start an discussion it will never end. That is the only comment I will make in that case. 

The couple arrived to Riyadh a day before the official visit begins. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and is as far as you can come on from Denmark and what the couple are use to. Saudi Arabia is a country with certain rules and traditions which are also very far from Danish etiquette. Despite the speculations, Frederik and Mary were welcomed with manner by important figures from Saudi Arabia. As I told you in the beginning, the couple are traveling with a business delegation of 44 Danish companies and Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen, Health and Elderly Minister Sophie Løhde and Business- and Growth Minister Troels Lund Poulsen, who all attended what I would call "pre-welcoming-ceremony". The official welcoming was on February 28th. The same day as they arrived, February 27th, the couple had also been seen checking in at their hotel placed in Riyadh. I'm sure you know the feeling when you are visiting new friends or is at a party where you only know some of them, you feel a little awkward and you want to do what is expected of you. This is how I see, especially Mary, on these first photos. But I think she will find herself within the next few days and I believe that she feel a little more comfortable because her husband is there. She is not on her own. 

When the news came out in the press that the couple would travel to Saudi Arabia & Qatar many of you started to ask me the one and same question over and over again: Who will Mary handle the situation choosing the right clothes? Well, of course as perfect as usual. Mary is always appropriate dressed no matter where, when and who she is meeting. For good reasons you also know that I could not give you a correct answer because the couple were still in Denmark and their visit from still future. It was clear to me that it was likely she would wear longer dresses and skirt and maybe scarves. Now two days later it's finally time for me to tell you about what she actually was wearing. Matching the large white chairs with the golden details, Mary wore the beautiful Etro coat featuring colourful flowers. This is the third time we see her wear this kinds bohemia coat; School for 200 year in 2014 and on a official visit to South Africa 2014. To match the colours of the coat, she wore a fabulous silk scarf around her neck and not over her head it was believed. I see some jewelleries as well, but because of the really bad quality it is very difficult for me to tell exactly what she wore. I think I see the rose golden Georg Jensen bracelet. It's my guess that she wore a pair of black pumps to match the long black trousers and the of course she flashed her beige Prada bag (you see the same model but in a different colour below) Nothing surprised me with this outfit, Mary would also have worn a similar outfit at home in Denmark. Because of the Etro coat I really really look forward to the next few days. Now my expectations are high. But Mary never disappoints!

Possible ID's
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold DKK 27.300

February 28th: Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary visiting Al Diriyah

This visit to Al Diriyah was not a part of the royal couples official calendar and it has been almost impossible for me to find anything from the visit, except from a few photos. All I found from this visit is in arabic and was I can do but read arabic isn't one of these things. But if you do and you know a little more of what happened, I would really like to hear from you! Or if any of you, who also do not speak arabic, have found any useful information's I hope you will share it with me. Frederik and Mary were closely followed around the city by a group of people who told about what they'd see during their tour. The many sand-coloured buildings matched where the city is located, in the desert which gives the city a very special atmosphere. It's clear they were not wondering around the streets of Copenhagen. Mary was more than ones seen in a close dialogue while Frederik seems just to enjoy the view. What a way to get a closer look at a foreign country with a personal guide. 

Black is the colour of them all that absorbs most heath, so I guess that covered in black, wondering around a city in about 20 degrees heath is an experience in itself. Sure, Mary is use to the heath from when she lived in Australia but still, I wound't be able to breath. Mary seemed to handle this very well. As when she arrived to Riyadh along with Frederik, she wore long black trousers. I'm pretty sure it's not the last time we are going to see these trousers. Then we saw a brand new coat which over covering, what I believe is a really beautiful white lace blouse. The style of this coat reminds me so much of one of her other black Prada coats. A reader showed me a photo of a By Malene Birger coat owned by Crown Princess Victoria which is similar as well. Do you have any thoughts about it? It features a rather wide neckline and a single button. So far I haven't been able to identify it but now you know which designers I have in mind. She protected her eyes from the Arabian sun with Dolce & Gabbana shades. Again she accessorized her look with the pink scarf. This may have been worn in Morocco a couple of years ago. Left, we have the shoes. We only see one photo of them, where only the toe is visible. This actually retouch the number of shoes in her wardrobe, because a few pair features a black cap-toe -ballet flats from BLOCH, Chanel or Prada. When I look at that single photo where we see some of the shoe, I see her ballet flats from Chanel.

Ballet flats: Chanel Cap-Toe Flats 
 Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175 £204

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary visiting the Saudi Arabien Royal Family

Their first official event according to their calendar. It was also the official welcoming to Saudi Arabia for Frederik and Mary all the way from Denmark. Despite the location was way different than they are use to, they both seemed to be calm and acted all normal as they use to at public events. The welcoming ceremony was hosted by King Salman and Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Nayef. Large part of the Saudi Arabian royal family attended the overwhelmingly ceremony such as Arabian business people, ministers, etc. Many more attended than expected and it took the royal couple long to greet them all. Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen did also attend the ceremony and later told the press how impressive the welcoming was and how many actually came to greet Frederik and Mary. The couple did everything to make a great start on a five days official state visit.

On this first day of their five day visit Mary was beautifully dressed! The funny thing is that the first I noticed was her hair. It so much reminds me of hairdos she often wore at the time when Prince Christian was born. Really, there is nothing special about it. Maybe what's makes it so great, because Mary manages to add her own glamour and elegance to a simple hairstyle like this. For you who have a medium length hair, this is a perfect updo for both day and evening not matter what style you like. Second I noticed that new purple silk dress she was wearing. To me it looks like she wears black trousers underneath similar to her Vietnamese Si Hoang traditional dress. Am I the only one who sees this? If it's the case, Mary is wearing trousers underneath I think it makes her look even more interesting because it's not something we usually see and Mary masters perfectly to wear clothes that are unexpected and revolutionary, maybe even innovative. She seems always to be one (or ten) steps ahead of the next trend. Not that I believe this will become the next big trend, but who knows? If you take a close look at the dress you will realize it features a beaded hemline around the neck and sleeves. I really adore this detail, makes the dress sparkle even more! And of course there is the colour, magnificent purple colour that suits her beautifully. I sense you like it pretty much as well. She covered the dress with an old goody from Prada, worn during several state visits and when she was pregnant with the twins. I once found it for sale on Ebay which I why I can't share any more than just where it's from. I have a photo of it in my archives, so do not hesitate to contact me if you want to see it for yourself. As other accessories Mary chose to wear black Gianvito Rossi pumps, her favourite clutch from Carlend Copenhagen and yet another pink silk scarf with white roses on. The round diamond earrings and brooch both reflected the lights of the cameras. This only makes me curious to see what other dazzling outfits she has planned for the trip.

Coat: Prada Black Wool Coat $315 (pre-owned)
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Patent Leather Mid Heel Pumps DKK 2.345
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8.500

Elite Research Conference 2016

Tuesday, February 25th

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of Elite Research Conference 2016 (EliteForsk-konferencen 2016) at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen.

Elite Research Conference / EliteForsk Konference 
Every year the Elite Research award given to five Danish outstanding scientists are honored by the Danish Education- and Research Minister. The award is created to improve the awareness of research in Denmark and what important work scientists do. Read more here


Finally, she's back! -again. I have really missed writing posts for the last couple of weeks. That one about the churches was for you to have something to read while we were waiting. By the way, I hope you enjoy it. If you missed it, you find it here. After their vacation in December we haven't really seen her that much, well for one week we saw her almost every day but that seems to be long ago. Usually the family are also going on a vacation to Verbiér but not this year. No one knows why. So I have really been looking forward to see her again and then of course be able to share it all with you in a post. How have you been all this time? I hope you are all good.

It has become more or less a tradition for Mary to attend the presentation of the Elite Research Conference and again this year she was the guest of honor to hand over prizes to some of the best scientists in Denmark who have contributed in an unrivaled way with their research. Around noon she arrived to Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in the center of Copenhagen in a excellent mood, with a smile all over her face. Lovely to see her smile in the news again! She was welcomed by Research Minister Esben Lunde Larsen, who as Mary was a guest of honor at the conference. Esben Lunde Larsen accompanied Mary on the stage when the prizes were handed over to the lucky winners. Serveral speeches were held and presentations recent research which was followed closely by the everyone in the room including Mary. I'm sure if Mary gave a speech as well but the Research Minister did and he pointed out who important it is these young scientists are celebrated because of their incredible talent.  "It is the Government's ambition that Danish research will belong to the international elite" -Esben Lunde Larsen, with these words he pointed out that Danish scientists can and will be as good as the international scientists we have around the world. Each of the five prize winners were given DKK 1,2 million; DKK 200,000 as a personal award and the rest goes to their research activities. These five winners are:

  • David Dreyer Lassen, Professor of political economy at the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen
  • Peter Lodahl, Professor of physics at the Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University
  • Liv Hornekær, Associate professor of physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Aarhus University
  • Petar Popovski, Professor of communications at the Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University
  • Mette Rams Thomsen, Professor of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation

I really want to wish all of them good luck with each and everyone of their present-and future projects and of course I also want to congratulate them all. In addition, twenty talented PhD students were given the Elite Research Travel Grants (EliteForsk Rejsestependier) of DKK 200,000. A couple group photos were taken of all winners with Mary standing in the middle shining like a start as all the others. I'm sure this is a memorable day. After the presentations a glass of wine or water was served and Mary stayed for a long time to chat with both winners and other participants.

Actually I had no idea what to expect of her look. Previous years she has worn darker colours of course of season and cold weather. Last year she appeared in, what I tend to call sexy, black leather dress so she could choose anything to wear. No leather dress, but I was thrilled to see her navy blue Elise Gug (Autumn/Winter 2014) suit again! Feels like a million years since we have seen it, thought it's only two years ago when she attended the Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and Girls for Sustainable Develupment in the ECE Region in Geneva. Like last time she accessorized her outfit with a remarkable brooch, not the same, but a golden brooch I have been waiting to see again. It is told to be made by Marianne Dulong, still I have no proof if it is correct. Just what I have heard. What I'm aware of, she wore it back in 2011 when she with Frederik and the twins visited Australia on an official visit. Sorry, but this was really the best photo I could find. As you see she wore the same white pearl earrings yesterday as in 2011, from the same designer. When we are talking about jewellery it's worth mentioning the golden Georg Jensen bracelet and two (out of three) diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard. All three very talented jewellery designers we can be so proud of in Denmark and for Mary to represent them, well I do not think you can get a better spokeswoman to show off ones creations. At the arrival she showed of a brand new scarf, in almost the exact same colour as her suit, featuring large black dots and tassels. So far I have not been able to find it but I'm pretty sure about one thing; she has a similar scarf in white/grey -which I can't find as well. Now I hope to get your help. Do you by any chance remember that scarf I refer to or did you actually manage to find this new piece? I love how the scarf matched everything else. With a little help from Kate I'm able to share with you that she wore a pair of new Gianvito Rossi pumps as well. It's amazing what that woman can find. These "powder pink" pointed pumps are simply magnificent. Elegant, feminine and super classy at the same time. Some say that Christian Louboutin is the best shoe designer we have, but seriously have you seen Gianvito Rossi's designs?! They make me breathless... I think his shoes have everything a woman's shoe must have; style, elegancy and shape. To completely a almost spotless outfits, she wore her Naledi Copenhagen clutch. This model is a little bigger in size then the one we are use to see her wear but it's beautiful. I love how she matched dark and fair colours, it makes both colours 'pop out'. A great trick to remember when you choose your next outfit. 

Remember, on February 28th to March 3rd Frederik and Mary are going on an official business promotion visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Suit: Elise Gug Navy Blue Suit
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold DKK 27.300
Rings: Ole Lynggard Love Bands in White Gold DKK 19.900
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Allana Latte Beige Ostrich Clutch DKK 5.969
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Pink Gianvito Rossi Leather Pumps €422

Possible ID's
Brooch: Marianne Dulong

Tip! Take a look at Royals & Fashion's fashion update on Mary's clothes. I've been so lucky to collaborate with the blogs sweet owner on improving the section. 

History: Churches with a Royal History

A couple of years ago I did posts called history which as the name says was a post with some kind of historical content. Because Mary do not have any plans, according to her calendar, the next few weeks I thought it was time to revive the success. I have thought a lot about it; you know what to write about. The reason why I suddenly stopped writing was because I ran out of ideas. Now I've found a few more topics, I hope you will find interesting. Today you get the first one. So why write about churches? Soon, Frederik and Mary will celebrate their copper wedding which means they have been married for 12.5 years. Crazy! 12 years are almost gone, 12 years with wonderful memories -four childbirths, several anniversaries, holiday's and gala dinners. You name it. Within the next month or so, we will have a few more babies in the Swedish royal familybecause as you know Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia are both pregnant. These upcoming events made me think: how can we celebrate that already now? Then I had an idea: what does all these things have in comment -churches. Well, it's a way we celebrate some of the biggest events in both royal families. When Mary married Frederik in 2004, the first day of her new life began the second she said "I do" in Vor Frue Church in Copenhagen. As traditions says the new royal babies will be christened later this year as well. The church is where it all "begins" -more or less. Therefor I want to begin the celebrations with a post about churches which have had a significant importance for Frederik and Mary all 12 years they have been married. Enjoy and have fun reading! 

Copenhagen's cathedral: Vor Frue Church

Since the 12th century there has been a church, or in other words, there have been more than one church at the same stop in the middle on Copenhagen since then. Several of the churches have burned down to the ground and subsequently built up again. Three times this has happened since the 12th century. More than once Virgin Mary are mentioned in connection with this church (or churches). At the time of Bishop Absalon the first church was build, finished in about 1200. In 1314, a devastating  fire did that a new church was built. At the time of Erik of Pommeren, Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark and the city grew. The church then became the King's main church. During the big fire in Copenhagen, 1728 once again the church burned down. The church tower destroyed both the roof, all furnitures and coffins under the floor. Ten years later a third church was build with a 120 meters high copper spire -companied with today's on 58.5 meters. Only 69 years later, 1808, the third church was bombed by the Englishmen during the bombardment of Copenhagen. The church we have today was built in 1829 and the architect C.F. Hansen was able to remain some of the pieces from the third building among others the church tower. In 1922 Vor Frue Church became Copenhagen's cathedral. Architect C.F. Hansen was inspired by roman architecture when he designed what we see today.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are not the only royal's who have had something to do with this remarkable church:
  • 1363 - Princess Magrete was married with King Håkon 6th of Norway
  • 1449 - Christian 1st and dowager Queen Dorothea's coronation and wedding
  • 1537 - Christian 3th's coronation
  • 1559 - Frederik 2nd's coronation
  • 1596 - Christian 4th's coronation
  • 1648 - Frederik 3rd's coronation
  • 2004 - Crown Prince Frederik married Mary Elizabeth Donalsdon

Holmen's Church
When King Christian 4th decided to brought a residential district on Bremerholm, where Holmen's Church is located, for Navy officers there arose the need to have their own church. In the building where the church was "built" in 1619 was formerly an anchor smithy. In 1630's the King extended the area of "houses" on Bremerholmen and they needed something a little more substantial than the rapidly converted church in the old building. The old building was significantly expanded so it ended up with a church in the distinctive shape of a cross. The church was now the height of a three storey building. What we see today with the white walls and everything is more or less the same what it was back then. Till 1872 wealthy people had the opportunity to buy the best seats in the three "floors". The middle floor was most attractive because there was the royal family seeded when they were at a service. Today there are only one "floor" left and it goes all around the church which is dated back to the restoration in 1872.  In 1705-08 the Chapel Hall (Kapelsalen) was built along with Børskanalen.

Several royal events have taken place in Holmen's Church over the years:
  • 1940 - Queen Margrethe 2nd was christened 
  • 1967 - Queen Margrethe 2nd and Henri Marie Jean André were married 
  • 1968 - Crown Prince Frederik was christened 
  • 2011 - Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine were christened 

Fredensborg Castle Church

When Fredensborg castle was built, it has no church because the castle was built as a summer residence for the king. A church was not need because the royal family only spend very little time there. In 1724, when Frederik 4th started using the castle more frequently, a church was built along with several other building which became a part of Fredensborg. It was inaugurated two year later in 1726 on October 11th. The church now became a part of Asminderød parish which also became as a confusion for the people who lived in the town around the church. They used the castle church and because the local priest was the same in the various churches around the nearby parish, it created even greater confusion among the city's residents. Today the church is still used for services almost every Sunday and can be used by everyone, not only the royal family.

Despite the church is mostly used by the Danes, the royal family have a rather long history of using this church:
  • 1761 - Princess Sophie Magdalene was confirmed
  • 1900 - Hereditary Prince Knud was christned 
  • 1922 - Princess Dagmar married landowner Jørgen Castenschoild
  • 1955 - Queen Margrethe was confirmed
  • 1968 - Princess Benedikte married Prince Richard of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
  • 1981 - Crown Prince Frederik was confirmed
  • 1982 - Prince Joahchim was confirmed
  • 1999 - Prince Nikolai was christened
  • 2007 - Princess Isabella was christened
  • 2013 - Prince Nikolai was confirmed

Christiansborg Castle Church

Christiansborg castle church was built back in the time when Christian 6th, 1783-1742, was King of Denmark. It was planned that the church should be a part of the castle but it was built separately with a passage to the castle. The first church was more or less destroyed in the fire in 1794 where large parts of the outer walls and inner walls only survived. These are reused in the present church we see today. Architect C.F. Hansen -who we also know from constructing Vor Frue Church- designed the new Christiansborg castle and church which began in 1813 and was finished in 1826. A fire hit the castle in 1884 but never reached the church so it's the last of C.F. Hansen's design we have left.  The building is rectangular and looks a lot like the roman Pantheon. It have a very long history of royals using the church to christenings, marriage and coronations. Despite the rather short history the royals have been using it for many occasions throughout the years.

To mention some of the occasion where the church have been used by the Danish royal family:
  • 1766 - Princess Sohpie Magdalene married Crown Prince Gustav of Sweden
  • 1766 - Christian 7th married Princess Caroline Mathilde of Great Britain
  • 1880 - Christian 10th was christened
  • 1930 - Princesses Alexandrine Louise was confirmed
  • 2006 - Prince Christian was christened

Update! I was terrible mistaken about Frederiksborg Castle and Fredensborg Castle. The only event which actually took place in Frederiksborg Castle church was the wedding between Prince Joachim and Alexandra.

Tip! On March 6th, Dr1 broadcasts a new series where Queen Margrethe has let a camera team filmed inside some of the castles in Denmark, among others Amalienborg where the Queen guide you around. Sounds exciting? -well, then we ready on March 6th, Dr1 at 8:00 pm. local time.  

Have You Thought About Your Valentine's Day Outfit?

Valentine's day is just around the corner and whether you are going out with some good friend for dinner or go to the movies, it is about time you find the perfect outfit! Mary is always an inspiration for me and I like to be inspired by her when choosing my own outfits. I made with post in collaboration with ThirdLove. I fancy the idea about the perfect valentine outfit focusing on finding the right bra and thought you would as well. I never really write about underwear here at the blog because it seems a little... inappropriate. Royals and underwear is not really the best combination to write about. It would be must easier if I just had a normal fashion blog. But then I thought what the ****, there is a first time for everything! Maybe you already know ThirdLove, maybe you don't which is why I want to introduce you to the concept and not least their personalized quiz, specially created for you to find the perfect bra celebrating valentine's day. Entering their website you face the headline "The best bra is one you never think about" which underpin ThirdLove's philosophy that a great bra feels good and makes you look better. Like clothes, bras is both useful and very individual. It all depends on who you are, what you like, what you do for a living and what you need. Underwear is a industry for itself and it takes a woman to understand and find the right bra. With ThirdLove's personalized valentine's quiz, you both get a guide to what to wear on valentine's day and maybe also something for further use when finding a new bra. Follow the arrows and find the bra that suits your valentine's date. With the exclusive promo code Valentine15 you have the opportunity to make a bargain with 15% off until February 29th 2016 on the ThirdLove bra you can't live without! Let the fun begin and be inspired by the three outfits I have chosen to fit your personality when you know which of the three you match. I hope you find it inspirational!

24/7 Isn't She Lovely Lace
If you ended up with the 24/7 Isn't She Lovely Lace bra I think this would be the perfect valentine's day outfit for you. You probably want something classic and elegant without being afraid to be a little overdressed. With a love for everything beautiful, the floral dress and pearl earrings are just what you need to feel feminine and with the black coat and grey pumps this outfit would do for a romantic  night out with you one true love.

Bra: Third Love 24/7 Isn't She Lovely Lace Bra $72.00 15% off
Dress: Asos Lipsy Floral Pencil Dress Allover Floral £55.00
Coat: Anita and Green Black Waterfall Trench Coat £34.99 
Clutch: Nina Handbags Allison Clutch $48.00
Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane Double Pearl Drop Earrings $45.00
Shoes: SheIn High Stiletto Heel Suede Pumps US$41.20

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24/7 Classic T-shirt
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Bra: Third Love Classic Memory Foam T-shirt Bra $68.00 15% off
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Ring: Bling Jewelry Simulated Rose Quarts Class Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring $34.99
Shoes: Office On To Point Court Heels £65.00

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24/7 Strap Happy
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Danmarks Indsamling 2016

Saturday, February 5th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were present at the Danmarks Indsamling 2016 which took place in the Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen.

Danmarks Indsamling 2016
Each year 12 humanitarian organizations goes along with Danmarks Radio (DR) to raise money for some of the world's poorest countries - Africa, Asia and Latin America. This collection will help to meet UN's 17 development goals which Crown Princess Mary also support working with Women Deliver. Both public organizations and private help to achieve these goals. No. 1 is to end extreme poverty and halve all other part os poverty by 2030. Danmarks Radio hosted Danmarks Indsamlingen for the first time in 2007. Read more about the fundraising here 1

One of the biggest fundraising projects we have in Denmark and of course the Crown Prince couple showed their commitment to support the world's poorest countries with their appearance at the annual Danmarks Indsamling 2016 in the Tivoli Concert Hall in Copenhagen. The show was live broadcasted on Saturday February 6th on Dr1 for not less than five hours. Whether or not the couple stayed their till the end I'm not sure about. For years they have been present at the show and like Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, they gave a large amount of money to show their support. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik's Foundation contributed with DKK 500,00 to the collection and Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's Foundation with DKK 250,000, in total DKK 750.000. Since 2007 the foundation of Frederik and Mary have contributed with over DKK 1.3 million to humanitarian fundraising and nearly DKK 1.9 million from Margrethe and Henrik's fund. It's clear that our royal family put it out loud that they want to help developing countries. The couple arrived at the Tivoli Concert Hall shortly before the show was about to begin, both in high spirits. After a few photos in front of the press, the couple found their seats and they both seemed to enjoy spending a Saturday evening among the audience. Many different artists came to entertain the royal couple and the rest of Denmark's population and of course the audience in the Concert Hall. During the show people could call and donate money for the good cause. Many celebrities were ready to take any call and talk to those who wanted to donate money. Many of these Mary and Frederik greeted, gave hugs and heard all sorts of stories from Danes they had talked to during the evening. For sure you have seen the wonderful photo where Frederik get the chance to take some calls and Mary getting a hug from her dear friend Caroline Fleming. Wish I was the one calling and getting Frederik on the phone! I love that he did that. Finally after five hours it was reviled how much money had been gathered for the good cause of supporting some of the world's poorest countries: 97,870,606! Nearly DKK 98 million! That's truly amazing. Well done Denmark!!!!

Black is the ultimate evening colour. The little-black-dress is immortal such as its colour. Though the colour symbolizes lots of different thing, it's a colour that works no matter what you are attending and wherever you are going. Clearly something Mary knows which may be why she chose to wear only black at Saturday's show in Tivoli's Concert Hall. Because she has worn it once before, she knows that it works and that she looks good in what she's wearing. A winner for sure. Back in November 2015 when she attended DR Ultra Gala's It's Nice to be Nice show in Sønderborg we saw her in a similar black suit with the matching Julie Fagerholt Heartmade lace blouse. Not much was different, actually what I see it's only her hair that's different. The cap-toe pumps is from Gianvito Rossi which was just a little visible because of the length of her trousers. Her round diamond earrings  shone in the flashlight of the cameras, wauw. These earrings is by the way a perfect item in your basic jewellery box. Wearable at any occasion, day and night. Proudly Carlend Copenhagen has shared a picture of Mary on their Instagram of course because she was wearing their beautiful Vanessa clutch. So when did she wear it the most beautiful with: Hairdo vs. Curly? I kinda like it with the curly hair because it makes her so feminine but the hairdo makes her really elegant. I think this is a tough one.

Blouse: Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt Jula DKK 2,999
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Metal Mesh Cap-Toe Pumps

Congratulations Crown Princess Mary! ...& Princess Marie!

Finally it's time for us to celebrate this wonderful woman! Because today Mary turns 44 years old which of course is no age for a modern woman living in the 21st century. She has had some busy days the last week and deserves truly deserves to be celebrated by family and friends. Styleofmary wishes her a happy birthday!!

February 6th

February 6th 2016 is a big day for Princess Marie as well, because today she can celebrate her 40th birthday! A day I'm sure she will celebrate with her family and close friends. Normally I would not post about her birthday but seriously, you only turn 40 once. So, Styleofmary would like to wish Princess Marie of Denmark a happy birthday and congratulations on her big day!

The Cancer Society Award 2016

Tuesday, February 4th

Crown Princess Mary presented the Cancer Society's Award 2016 in Skuespilhuset, Copenhagen, on occasion of World Cancer Day.

Earlier this morning Mary participated in the conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Crises at Christiansborg Castle where she gave the opening speech. It was a speech which caused quite a stir among the participants present at the conference. In the afternoon she attended the presentation of the Cancer Society's Award 2016, this is the fourth time she has the pleasure to hand over the award on World Cancer Day. It all took place in Skuespilhuset, Copenhagen. She arrived in a excellent mood, with a big smile on her face -as usual I tend to say. I think she finds a lot of joy supporting projects like this because it means so much to her. I think she on she top of the game, that place in her life where she has found out what matters to her as a person. Mary spend time on what matters most to her; to be a ''useful'' princess who uses the title she has been assigned to something more than just cut red bands with gold scissors, smile and wave in front of the cameras. All this I think reflects in the atmosphere surrounding her and her family. She seems claim and well balanced. Because of her charisma at the arrival, I think it was a great honor for her to be allowed once again to present this year's recipient of the Cancer Society's Award 2016 on occasion of the World Cancer Day. When she entered the stage and gave her speech to present the recipient Nurse and youth coordinator Maiken Hjerming, Mary was clearly moved by the situation.

"Maiken is primarily a nurse, but she is much more than that. Maiken has a unique ability to empathize with others' situation - to listen, to see their needs and do something to honor them." - Crown Princess Mary

Maiken Hjerming has been nominated by five young cancer patients to receive the award this year. She has helped to launch Kræftværket which is a hospital ward for young cancer patients aged 15-29 year olds. She has several years of experience in how solitude often can be a part of cancer patients life. With the award of DKK 50,000 the Cancer Society want to highlight the special efforts and outstanding example to inspire others to give cancer patients optimal treatment and care.

Well, well, well now we are talking! Mary in a brand new figure-hugging dress. Shortly after the first pictures were published I received ideas about who could be the designer and the fact that two other royals had worn a similar dress at previous events. I tend to agree with you who assume that Mary was wearing a similar dress as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, on her engagement day. In two different shaded of blue Mary wore a dress from Issa which by the way is the first time, as I know of. Even Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg has been seen in this dress. Thanks to both Lurdes and Kate for telling me about the dress! A first I thought Mary was wearing a black Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress but that wasn't the case. You can't be right every time. I think it suits her very well; great length and beautiful with the v-neck and long sleeves. This makes it the perfect item to wear as a daytime- and evening dress. In the same lovely navy blue colour she added a pair of satin pumps from Gianvito Rossi and clutch. Both worn when she own her own attended a 50th birthday party at Tranekær Castle on August 8th in 2015. It was a birthday party hosted by Count Christian and his wife Countess Mette Ahlefeldt-Laurvig. Mary was dressed in this wonderful blue Erdem dress, maybe you remember it? It was at this party we saw the blue satin pumps for the first time such as the clutch. I suggested her clutch could be from Prada and with the help from my dear and beloved friend Pernille it has been confirmed. Thank you for your help! At the arrival she wore her grey JOSEPH coat worn over the shoulders which looked brilliant! Lately she's been choosing longer coats that at the same time look fabulous and makes her look longer. She accessorized the outfit with white gold rings from Ole Lynggaard and Marianne Dulong earrings featuring a blue pendant matching the rest of the outfit. Her makeup and hair were incredible beautiful! A side chignon and elegant evening makeup. Lips and nails in berry red, what is not to love? A timeless classic outfit I'm sure we will see again. 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Love Bands w. Diamonds
Clutch: Prada Satin Clutch Corn Flower Blue
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Silk Pumps in Blue

Conference on Rights and Health

Tuesday, February 4th

Crown Princess Mary participated in the conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Crises at Christiansborg Castle.

There is no doubt that girls and women's rights and well-being is close to Mary's heart. The last few years she has spend endless hours in participating in international and national conference on this subject, visited the countries where the topic about rights and reproductive health are on the agenda and heard countless stories from girls and women who more or less have been deprived of their rights. She is eloquent and well be taken deeply serous when she participates in various events. she has been a keynote speaker at several conferences worldwide and despite her as a royal she is not allowed to speak about politics, many of ´the same issues she is dealing with is the same as the politicians. There it is important that she always finds a balance in how she speaks out in public. Until today, she has only managed to generate positive attention on the subject on the right of girls and women's rights. Her commitment is also noticed on the international state because of her tireless work trying to make a difference. The last she attended to make her opinion clear was when she participated in the conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Crises. In the afternoon she arrived to Christiansborg Castle, wherein one half that also function as the Danish Parliament. Mary was introduced by Deputy Secretary General in Sex og Samfund Tania Dethlefsen, who emphasized how thoughtful Mary is because she things about the different aspects of the problem and how important her commitment is. When Mary gave her speech, which by the way was one of the first of many, she had everybody's attention. Do yourself a favor and read her opening statement here. I'm sure you will find it interesting. Her speeches are always very precise and summarizes all the important statements of why they are gathered. It is not only Mary who has great interest in helping. According to several medias, waiting lists were created for those who would like to participate in the conference that was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Parliamentary All-Party Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Sex og Samfund.

Mary was dressed very appropriate at her attendance in the conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Crises at Christiansborg Castle. Unfortunately, not many photos of her are published but I happened to watch a short interview from the event, when she was leaving to return to Amalienborg. What we all see is, her wearing a black blazer and a white blouse that features a collar. Have we seen this before? It reminds be a lot of her new one from Hugo Boss, worn on February 2nd when she received a donation to the Maternity Foundation from Inner Wheel. Both these blouses feature a similar collar. The stunning golden earrings with the large white pearl is from Marianne Dulong, a pair of earrings we have seen multiple times at all kind go occasions throughout the years. What I noticed in the interview was that she wore her BOSS by Hugo Boss pencil skirt with a black and white print. I seem to remember it was the black SAND Copenhagen pumps she was wearing, well of course to match the rest of the outfit. I know she accessorized her look with a bag as well but I simply can't recall which one. Do you happen to know that? Again, Mary had chosen the red nail polish. I could not resist the temptation to wear it myself. A perfect business outfit with a modern twist of prints and the feminine red nail polish.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Skirt: BOSS by Hugo Boss Vilina pencil skirt £270
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016

Wednesday, February 3rd

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016 at Copenhagen City Hall. 

So now I'm ready to write you a more detailed post from when Mary attended the Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016 at Copenhagen City Hall. For a fashion blogger like me, the Copenhagen Fashion Week is something I look forward to with great excitement every year, especially when Mary attends. Makes it a little more special, a little more glamorous. When Mary became Crown Princess back in 2004 she was quickly known as the 'style-princess' because of her appearance at every event that was related to style and fashion. Somehow she was able to change that to become the 'stylish-princess'. Fashion was almost her trademark, today she follows her heart and is involved in more humanitarian work than any other princess. That is why we love her even more and admire her as woman, Crown Princess and role model. Enough about that. Now it's all about fashion! That one time a year when it's all right just to talk about fashion. With a huge smile on her face Mary arrived to Copenhagen City Hall, ready to attend the opening of one week all fashionista look forward to every year: Copenhagen Fashion Week. One week a year where Danish designers show what they have been working on for many months. Designers as Baum und Pferdgarten, By Malene Birger and Second Female present their next collection on special designed runways all over Copenhagen where most fashion bloggers and Danish celebrities are invited. Mary is a big fan of Danish fashion, no doubt about that, and is  wearing a creation from a Danish designer whether it's everyday- or evening wear. I believe Mary fancy the scandinavian style, clean lines and edgy expression. How most modern women want to dress. Accompanied by her dear friend actress Ellen Hillingsø, Mary arrived as a true princess to the opening with photographers closely following her. Every time she attends, all attention is on her as a guest. Which shows she will attend? How her reaction is on the designs and of course what is she wearing. We get to that later. Among others she attended the fashion show of Tonsure, which is modern men's fashion. Countess Alexandra did also attend this show. Whether or not they met I do not know, they probably did before Mary went on to the next show at the prestigious Hotel d'Angleterre. Here she closely followed the fashion show of Jesper Høvring, which by the way is the first time. His show was divided into two; the first half was his sealskin designed and the second half was his feminine and elegant evening dresses that was made of lots of lace and gold fabrics. Standing in the background, she went backstage to greet the happy designer with his new collection.

Of course we noticed Mary's outfits as one of the first things when she attends an event that's invented to tribute fashion. Everything else would be odd. And with the outfit she was wearing at the opening we for sure had something to look forward to! How she manage to chose these incredible classy outfits is unbelievable. I know she got a team of stylists and makeup artists but her style is still personal. I think as everything else she is also involved in selection her outfits to a future events.  I had the feeling that many of you liked her new blue coat, so do I. It's rather long but because of hight and pretty high heels she wore it beautifully. I would stumble that's for sure. She tend to wear Danish designs at these events, which is understandable. That also makes it a little more easy for me to find her new clothes which are.. almost everything. My reader Kate was able to find her new envy blue coat at Fonnesbech which also participated in the fashion week. I would be so proud to see Mary in my design! A minute before Kate shares her findings with me, I made my own search at exactly that designer with the feeling this could be the one I was looking for. And it was. The coat is from their A2 collection and is described to be a combination of femininity and power. She matched the coat perfectly with her blue leather Quidam clutch. At the arrival I had a hard time identifying what she was wearing under the new coat because it was covering almost all of her body. When she found her front raw seat and took off the coat we was finally able to see her entire outfit. Immediately I fell in love with the new ruffle blouse in the most amazing powder colour. Two seconds later I managed to I identified it as DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. This she combined with new trousers as well. Thanks to Jennifer who identified the trousers, Julie Fagerholt Heartmade (winter holiday 2015), and shared her findings with me! Mary accessorized her fabulous outfit with new Jewlscph earrings as Mai Manniche (Jewlscph's designer) proud commented on in a blog post, here, a golden a golden Georg Jensen bracelet and of course her customized gold ring from Marianne Dulong. The gold ring and red nail polish are a lovely match! As I mentioned yesterday, I adore the red nail polish. Sally Hansen's 735 Massai Red is very similar to the one Mary is wearing; it's affordable and very beautiful. And of course then we have her leopard print pumps from Gianvito Rossi. So, isn't it the perfect outfit to represent Danish fashion?

Jacket: Fonnesbech Aignon Coat £275.00 (on sale)
Blouse: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Day Blousing DKK 1,799
Trousers: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Neta DKK 899 (on sale)
Earrings: Jewlscph Capella DKK 31,799
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Gold DKK 27,300
Ring: Marianne Dulong Stella Ring
Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Leopard-Print Calf Hair Pumps €274 (on sale)