Gala Dinner at Fredensborg Palace

Friday, January 29th

Queen Margrethe hosted a gala dinner for naval officers which took place at her and Prince Henrik's current home, Fredensborg Palace. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the dinner. 

After having attended the presentation of the prestigious Women's Board Award 2016 earlier in the afternoon, Mary was ready to participate in the gala dinner at Fredensborg Palace accompanied with her husband. It is a tradition for the Queen to host a dinners every year, one for the Army,  one for the Navy and one for the Air Force to honor what they are doing to protect Denmark. This year 20 officers of the Navy with a admiral- or commander degree were invited to Fredensborg Palace to attend the gala dinner. A couple of years ago Frederik was appointed Rear Admiral so he was among equals at the dinner. According to Billed Bladet, which is one of the only ones who have written about the dinner, said that the royals and the invited enjoyed fine dining with everything from fish and mushroom sauce to wine from the royal couple's castle Chateau du Cayx in France. During the dinner music was played by the Royal Guard.

Because we haven't seen any pictures I'm trouble telling you about her outfits, even though I think she looked dazzling in her reused purple Alexander McQueen (Fall 2004 RTWgown! I would never have chosen a dress like this but wauw, Mary nail it every single time she show up in this purple dream of dress. Her rather slim figure beautiful shows and the colour looks splendid because of her fair skin and dark hair. It features a sating banding crossing the stomach and ties at waist. Beautiful! She wore the dress in 2005 when attending a gala dinner at Kronborg Castle hosted by the Netherlands to celebrate the 400 year diplomatic collaboration between the Netherlands and Denmark. At the dinner Prince Constantjin and Prinsesse Laurentien attended. I think I spotted one of her satin box clutches from Prada and a pair of long diamond earrings with a purple amethyst in the video published by Billed Bladet. My reader Kate noticed that Mary wore a pair of purple suede pumps as well, worn at the opening of the parliament in 2014. Since 2014 I have tried to find out who the designer is, but still with no success. Not to forget the red nail polish. Some how she manage to match this colour with everything she wears.

Dress: Alexander McQueen Purple Jersey Gown €1.357,25
Clutch: Prada Black Satin Box Clutch

Women's Board Award 2016

Friday, January 29th

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of the Women's Board Award 2016 ceremony in DeloitteHuset, Copenhagen.

About the Women's Board Award 
In 2010 the Norwegian Board organization launched the Gabrielsen Award. The award focuses on skills, not gender. Ever since the award has been presented in Norway. There has been great interest to make something similar in the other Nordic countries and in 2014 the Women's Board Award was launched in Denmark with the same purpose as the Norwegian. In Sweden a similar award is also presented. One of the purposes, they want to achieve with the award is: "Reversing negative attention from sex and gender to positively focus on skills, resources and results in boards". Read more here 1

According to all the private photos that was shared I believe Mary was quite popular when she attended the Women Deliver committee reception on January 28th. Because of her status of Crown Princess of Denmark she needs to keep a low profile she attending meetings etc. which could be political, because in Denmark the royal family members can't express themselves politically. By involving herself  in the discussion on girls and women's rights to health and reproductive rights, she has already about to move into areas where she should be careful on how she express her opinions publicly. Of course it's not quite the same when she is handing over an award, it's a part of her royal duties. This is a great way for her to support what she is fighting for: gender equality. It is the third time the Women's Board Award is presented in Denmark when it was launched back in 2014 inspired by the Norwegian Gabrielsen Award that focuses on skills and not gender. The 200 invited representative were welcomed by the two former winners CEO in KMD Eva Berneke (2014) and CEO at TV2 Merete Eldrup (2015) who gave each their speech. Merete Eldrup was given the Women's Board Award 2015 by Mary. In both Danish and English Mary entered the stage and gave a speech to justify why the jury had chosen to give the prestigious Women's Board Award 2016 to CEO of Lundbeck Foundation Lene Skole and pointed out how important it is that the female leader of Denmark can be an inspiration to other women in the business community. With her appearance and commitment Mary is the perfect role model for women worldwide.

I expressed myself a little negative about her outfits from when she attended the New Year reception with the Women Deliver committee but yesterday's outfit, well who does not simply love that?! Her appearance in the grey tweed dress at the award ceremony is gorgeous. The dress features a beautiful white collar and black belt. She wore it the first time with powder pink t-strap pumps on the second day in the Netherlands when she attended The Global Network of Women's Shelters' Conference in November 2015. At that time it was told to be from Miu Miu in an article from Daily Mail who reported that actress Léa Seydoux wore the dress at an event in China associated to her role in the new James Bond movie. Now, Daily Mail is the only media to claim that the dress is from Miu Miu because Léa Seydoux wore clothes from Prada and Miu Miu in the context of the new movie in which she plays a significant role. With the help from Heaven it has been found at Prada. A big thanks to you! I love the dress as much as the first time she wore it! So classy and edgy at the same time. You may also remember that I wasn't really fond of her new bicolor Prada shoes worn earlier this month but now, matched with with her tweed dress, I really like them. The light grey and burgundy just looks great together. Why didn't she do this right away? No one like Mary is able to wear this hairstyle as beautiful. I think every time we see her with loose hair, it looks like it's the first time and I'm as thrilled as if it was. She accessorized her outfit with a pair of Hartmann's diamond earrings and one of her bracelets from Marianne Dulong. Not to forget, the stunning burgundy nail polish! To match both shoes and nail polish she added a new suede clutch (which I'm pretty sure is form Hugo Boss) to the outfit in the same fantastic colour.

Earrings: Hartmann's
Dress: Prada Grey Dress w. White Collar
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Anello Pearl Bracelet
Clutch: Hugo Boss Purple Clutch

New Year Reception with the Women Deliver Committee

Thursday, January 28th
Crown Princess Mary attended as patron of the Women Deliver conference 2016, in the New Year reception with the Women Deliver Committee in Copenhagen.

Women Deliver & Wd2016
Women Deliver is leading in the discussion on girls' and women's rights to health and reproductive rights. With the motto "Invest in girls and women -it pays" they bring voices together from all over the world to drive progress about sexual-, maternal-, health- and reproductive rights. They believe that an investment in girls and women benefits the rest of the world. Wd2016 or Women Deliver 2016 is the worlds largest conference on health, rights and wellbeing of girls and women. The conference takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 16-19th of May 2016. High level speakers, as Crown Princess Mary, will attend the conference. Read more about Woman Deliver, Wd2016 and the confirmed high level speakers

As I wrote in my last post a couple of days ago, we haven't really seen that much of Mary since in beginning of December when the family traveled to Australia to celebrate christmas. Then on January 11th she attended the presentation of the Heart Association's Research Scholarship at Hotel d'Angleterre in Copenhagen she was back to work but only for this one day. So for almost two weeks she has had time to prepare her appearance yesterday when she participated in a New Year reception with members of the Women Deliver Committee, who right now is organizing and planning the occurring Wd2015 which this year is taken place in Copenhagen from 16-19th of May which is only a few month ahead. For a relatively small country like Denmark, it is a great thing having to be representative country for the world's largest conference on health, rights and wellbeing of girls and women. But it also means that much time need to be used on planning the conference. Lots of high level speakers have already  announced their arrival when Wd2016 kick off on 16th of May 2016 and every little detail has to be planned when the more than 5,000 global leaders arrives to Copenhagen in May. According to Billed Bladet some of her royal friends will also attend. I think I've heard Crown Princess Mette-Marit will attend. Chosen by the committee Mary is the patron of the conference that probably have something to do with her work with the Mary Foundation and her commitment in humanitarian- and social work as Crown Princess and woman. She is working tireless to prove her commitment to make a change for those who need it the most. This is what makes Mary special: she is much more than expensive clothes, large tiaras and snake skin clutches. That is why Mary is admired by women all over the world including me. She was accompanied by among others Minister for children, education and gender equality Ellen Trane Nørby, Culture Minister Bertel Haarder and Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen who shared a photo of him and Mary chatting together at the reception. As the first speaker Kristian Jensen arrived a little late because of a previous meeting at Christansborg. Despite the delay, he was in a really great mood such as the Crown Princess. In his speech he praised Mary highly because of her commitment to the world's largest women's conference and their work. Lotte Hansen, Head of Danish Women Deliver Movement, did also share a photo on Twitter of her and Mary at yesterdays reception with the message "Thanks for a lovely New Year reception and the high attendance". On the group photo you see: Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen, Minister for children, education and gender equality Ellen Trane Nørby, Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen, Culture Minister Bertel Haarder, Head of Danish Women Deliver Movement Lotte Hansen and of course Crown Princess Mary.

First word that hit me when I saw what she was wearing at yesterday's reception was the great similarity it has with what Princess Marie, her sister-in-law, usually wears. I'm not quite sure what it is but I think it's the combination of the trousers and blouse (or is it a sweater?). A very classic Marie-outfit who often simple and minimalistic outfits with minimal accessories which is exactly that description I would use about Mary's outfits. Well, it's no shame to be inspired by Princess Marie but I did not find Mary's look that much of an inspiration. Black slimline trousers, a pair of patent pumps from Gianvito Rossi featuring a pointed toe and some kind of sequin/rhinestone sweater in a shark grey colour. The trousers we have seen several time occasions before but the blouse is differently new. I had no luck finding it, maybe you do? In my search, I was working with designers as Malene Birger, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, 2nd day and Alexander McQueen. The only thing I really liked about this look was the fact that she was wearing the most beautiful dark red/burgundy nail polish and the black pearl earrings from Marianne Dulong. This detail was a great match to the casual outfit and it assured me that the good-old-Mary is still there. Her hair and makeup were just as pretty as the accessories which she had chosen. Because the lack of quality pictures I can't tell if she wore any other jewelleries, if she was carrying a bag and what kind of coat she may has been worn when she arrived to Eigtveds Pakhus. I truly understand why she chose to wear something as simple as this because it's all about the project: Wd2016 and how she is able to use her voice trying to help girls' and women worldwide. Don't forget it, May isn't that far ahead. I promise to follow it all closely and share it with you right here on the blog.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Ocean Earrings DKK 7,400
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Black Patent Pointed Pumps

Update + Those New Galleries You Have Waited For!

I am always doing something on the blog whether you notice it or not. I try to make you a part of as much as possible and now I feel it's about time you get a little update. Because it is a while ago Mary has had a job to attend, I have had plenty of time to do something else things like the voting I did last week with the wonderful drawings of Mary's three new year outfits. I had the feeling that you liked those drawings pretty much, am I right? There was no doubt in your mind because with over 45% of the votes her midnight blue velvet gown by Jesper Høvring that features the dazzling beaded skirt. Well, this  is also the most prestigious evening of them all to the royal family. On such an evening magnificent gowns is a most have! Thanks to all of you who have voted. This gives me an idea of what you think and what you like. As I mentioned before, it's not much we have seen her lately, not since she attended the handing over of the Heart Association's Research Scholarship on January 11. On the other hand, we have seen some the work she has been doing with the Mary Foundation off record -One like Us & Mary and Mikkel Against Bullying. But the next few weeks her calendar is packed with new year reception with the Women Deliver committee (January 28th), she will present the Women's Board Award 2016 (January 29th), she attends a meeting with the Mary Foundation and Red Cross (February 1st), she will attend the opening of Copenhagen fashion week (February 3rd), and speaks at a conference on sexual and reproductive health and rights in humanitarian crises (February 4th). So we have all these events to look forward to. And now to the second half of the headline: Those New Galleries You Have Waited For! because a part of my updating process was also to update all the former folders with clothes, hats, bags etc. You might remember that I decided to remove all pictures on the blog because of this (annoying, but understandable) copyright which also includes the folders I know you loved so much. Because I'm doing a complete update on the blog entries you can at any time go back and find all the ID's I have on her wardrobe or of course contact me if you are looking for something special. But for now the old folders are replaced with galleries!! Maybe you have already seen them, maybe but. I'm really proud of them and I truly hope you like them as well. You find them in the right panel, at the bottom. What you also find is a gallery called "Mary's UFO's". I recently learned about these "ufo's". You probably know much more about it than I do but what I learned is just what I need for this blog: a place where we can share thoughts about her clothes and accessories that have not yet been identified. You are always a great help to me and without you I wouldn't know half of what's written in my blog entires. So now I reach out to you again and hope you remember some of these items when you are on a treasure hunt to find clothes from her wardrobe. You are welcome to leave a comment or mail me if you are able to identify any of these things. You are also more than welcome to share your thoughts with me. I so much look forward to hear from you. Let the fun begin!

New Year Outfits as Drawings!

I think all of us adored Mary's three New Year reception outfits: the stunning and extremely fantastic midnight blue velvet gown featuring the magnificent bead work on the skirt and sleeves, the elegant and feminine white gown where she wore pearl jewellery and power accessories and of course the deep blue reused gown that featured a brand new neckline. I'm not sure I would be able to point out a winner. I really loved each one of them! And according to the respond you gave me, you liked all three of them just as much. Still I would like to know which you love the most, therefor I made an ally with Inge. You may remember her from my Our Crown Princess Mary Obsession #4. She was the one with the amazing drawings of Mary's clothes. Take a look if you need to see her drawings one more time or stay here and look at her new ones! I asked her politely to share her new year drawings with me and she did. Luckily I'm allowed to share them with you as well! So now take a look and make you vote to the right. Which one of the three outfits will have your vote: 1, 2 or 3.
Happy voting!

1.          2.    3.

Winter Chick Like Mary!

When it's cold and snowy outside warm clothes are need. In Denmark we waited all December to get what we call 'real winter weather' which means some minus degrees and some snow. While we waited for some snow Mary and her family enjoyed  warm vacation in Australia. Now the calendar tell us it's January and the December-weather has (finally) come to Denmark. Already in the beginning of January cold and snow had hit Denmark and on the twins birthday almost legendary pictures were published of Frederik and Mary picking up their two birthday-children from kindergarten accompanied by the family dog, Ziggy. Because of the cold weather all four of them were all warmly dressed in in thick down jackets, boots and kitted hats. After an idea from one of my readers I will now do a post about how to get winter chick like Mary. Even if you need to be warm in such weather, it's also alright to look good at the same time. As always Mary is the perfect example of how to dress. She is a great inspiration for me and I think it is about time you get a post with winter inspiration in the style of Mary. Most of the time we only see her in real winter clothes when she's private or of course when she's on the annual skiing vacation in Verbier. I've found some essential item you can't do without in the fall and winter season. It's for woolen sweaters and knee length boots!

What materials you should wear
Before we start talking about the different items you need to get the perfect winter wardrobe, I think it would be a good idea to talk about materials first because to me it's important what kind of material I'm wearing especially in the winter. When I buy new clothes or reused I always try to find these items with most 'natural material' such as cotton and wool. The reason i simple: your skin is able to breath. Today most clothes are made of polyester and acrylic, which by the way are made of plastic, because it's the cheapest. Of course I also have clothes made of polyester an acrylic (I'm not a saint!) but I really want to spend more money on clothes that does not contain plastic. Your skin can't breath and the quality is horrible. Quality over quantity. My advise would be: buy a few key items made of 'natural material' and mix and match your clothes. Sometimes less is more -and easier. Wool is one of my favourite materials to wear during the autumn and winter season of course because you stay warm in a natural way. Cashmere is also preferable, a little more expensive but... less is more. Cotton I have mentioned. A thing to remember buying a new sweater is, it does not need to be made of 100% wool or cashmere. With just 8 or 10% blend of cotton, polyester etc. your sweater tend to stay in shape much better. 

Outwear: Coats and jackets
To find the right winter jacket isn't the most easy thing in the world but it's essential for you to find a jacket that can keep you warm even though thermometer show minus degrees. It all depend on where you live, how the winter turns out and of course what your style is. I assume your style is classic, practical and at the same time you like something a little elegant because you fancy Mary's style and that's why you are reading this right now. Like most other royal women, Mary likes to wear coats from summer to autumn. But in the winter she often choose the tick down jackets with some kind of fur collar both long and short models. If she decide to wear the more stylish coat, she prefer to wear chose made of wool which by the way looks really beautiful. Vests are also something Mary uses a lot especially in the time between autumn and winter. Mary both wear winter jackets that's very simple and features lots of details; like the one below. The only way to find the right coat or jacket is for you to try them on. Be inspired of Mary and I assure you, you will find one you can wear at any occasion.

Add Down Down Jacket with Fur Hood £278.91
 Rudsak Caddott Jacket CA$380 
Lands' End Luxe Wool Car Coat $219
Lands' End Basketweave Wool Coat DKK 1540

The right footwear
Finding the right footwear I think is just as difficult as finding the perfect winter jacket. I took me several years before I found was I was looking for, hopefully it will be a lot easier for you. When it comes to winter wear for your feet Mary is the woman who loved brown leather boots especially from one of her favourite designers: Prada. Most of us can't afford expensive Prada boots but still I recommend you to find a pair made of real leather because they are more comfortable to wear and it's a pair of boots you can have for several years not just one season. Maybe you are lucky to find boots that features fur inside, if not you can do like Mary and wear woolen socks. To match her other clothes we have seen her wear these socks in both beige, green and brown. It looks absolutely stunning and you keep your feet warm. Usually when Mary wear boots, it's knee length boots. The last few year there is a tendency for her to wear ankle boots as well. So what every you like; Mary show how to wear them. For her, I think the important thing is quality over quantity. Something classic that never goes out of style. 

Best winter accessories
Like summer, winter have all these amazing accessories. I love the difference between how and when to wear accessories. In the winter knitted hats, leather gloves and cashmere scarf are among Mary's favourites such as ponchos and capes. What I like about Mary's winter accessories is the fact that they are both practical and stylish at the same time. Mary wear these accessories as beautiful as everything else. She always surprise wearing colourful scarfs and like below wearing a poncho featuring a significant pattern. Because of her brown hair and fair skin she can wear almost any colour and print. The same applies to you with blond hair, it depends on what you like. Mary often wear grey, shades of brown and black. So don't de afraid, winter accessories does not mean you have to wear dull colours - indulge yourself with dark gray and burgundy!

The turtleneck 
A turleneck sweater is simply the best about winter. Mary has right from the beginning showed that she loves to wear these blouses whether they we knitted, made of cotton or a third thing. They we perfect to wear under your summer dresses or when you need to stay extra warm. Turtlenecks are extremely comfortable. Personally, I love wearing them and they make winter a little more cozy. They also beautifully frame your face. Mary wear turtlenecks in almost any colour from brown to moss green. Especially we notice them when they features a rather large collar, it reminds us more of a knitted sweater. Turtlenecks are the perfect item to add to your winter wardrobe and I'm sure you gonna love them just like me and Mary. You can't really live without them. Mary is always adored when she shows up wearing a turtleneck both as blouse and dress. 

Noisey May Jersey Skinny Polo Neck £15.00
Designers Remix Isola Neck Rib Turtleneck Sweater £70.00
Zara Turtleneck Sweater DKK 169
Walis Camel Rib Polo Neck Jumper £10.00

If you are not like Mary who have bare legs all winter, a pair of tights are preferable. Luckily we live in a world where you can purchase any kind of tights you would like. In a million different colours, with or without prints. Often, when she chose to wear tights, it's sheer tights. I don't think we have ever seen her wear tights featuring any print or pattern, instead she wear tights black, grey, shiny, navy blue etc. During winter I would of course recommend woolen tights if it's really cold else I would choose tights which is closer woven. The most expensive aren't always the best. And to get the style of Mary, wear them with pride!

Asos 180 Denier Velvet Touch Tights £10.00
Topshop 200 Denier Black Opaque Tights £10.00
Falke Soft Merino Tights £30.00
John Lewis Wool Rib Tights £16.00

En Som Os / One like Us

Yesterday I shared a post about Mary and her work with bullying because the Mary Foundation has announced they will be working together with MH24 and the project The Association Mikkel Against Bullying for a better environment for children in their spare time. If you haven't read it yet you find it here. One of the main issues the foundations is working with is social isolation among children. In 2008 a documentary was made of Mary and her work with the foundation which gives us a good insight into their work. Even though it's quite some years old, it's absolutely still worth watching, here and here. Often social isolation is caused by bullying such as solitude. In the past few years there has been more attention to how devastating solitude can be for us as a individual; whether you are a child or an adult. Among other things, various medias have been used to draw attention to how important it is that we help each other when it is at its most difficult. Mary is also a frequent user of different medias  in her work as patron and as Crown Princess; she gives special interviews, she participates in major international conferences and not least she participates when it's needed in making interviews and short films used by the Mary Foundation. Back in November 2015 Mary attended the Ultra Gala show in Sønderborg which is the big live show produced by DR (Danmarks Radio) to kids in the age of 7-12. The show is a combination of music, comedy and entertainment. The show is invented to focus on being a nice friend, how to be aware of one's friends' well-being and how to taken action when it is needed. This "teaches" the children to take care of each other as they help to combat bullying and social isolation on their own. At the Ultra Gala show 2015 a short interview was showed where Mary and Bubber talks with six brave children on how they have experienced loneliness, how it feels and how to solve the problem. The children are very outspoken and though they are deeply touched they still have courage to talk about how they felt lonely. Mary also tells how she experienced loneliness when her mother died: like we live in a bubble and no one understands how it really feels. I was very moved after having seen the interview because it takes a lot of courage to talk about something so sensitive which is also a taboo. I think you should take the time to watch it yourself and if you do not understand Danish at all, I'm sure you by their faces see how sensitive it is for them to talk about. 

Mary og Mikkel Mod Mobning / Mary and Mikkel Against Bullying

It is no secret that Mary has been working against bullying for many years. From the second the Mary Foundation - H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary's Foundation was established in 2007 it have been on her agenda to fight against bullying. The past few years her work has become munch more intense and the Mary Foundation is now also collaboration with many more companies, organizations and foundations in the fight to help children to get a better life without bullying. In 2015 she started to work for the welfare of children in their leisure time and in spare time activities because there are many children who opt out these activities as they do not thrive for instance because of bullying. Spare time activities which should help develop children's social skills which inhibits them instead.  The kids feel lonely and not as a part of the group. This is one way Mary uses her voice; to make sure more children get comfortable and find it a pleasure to participate in spare time activities. With Klubfidusen the fund and Mary is already trying to combat the bad social environment among kids in football clubs in Denmark. The clubs gets tools and special developed material to learn the kids how to get new friends and take action if they see or experience bullying. To sum up Klubfidusen is to enhance the wellbeing and communities and prevent bullying in children's leisure.

A few days ago the Mary Foundation announced that they will be working with MH24 and the Foreningen Mikkel Mod Mobning (MH24 - the association Mikkel Against Bullying) to strengthen the well-being among kids in children's handball clubs in Denmark. Handball player Mikkel Hansen know everything about playing in a club and how difficult it sometimes can be. Mary and Mikkel Hansen now wants to improve the well-being in children's handball clubs because even though it's one of the most popular sports among children (6-12 year old) in Denmark not everybody feel welcome. There need to be space for all of us -a statement we have heard before from Mary. Along with MH24 it's planed that more companies will be involved in the project to develop a detailed welfare program which will be tested in clubs hopefully this year. On Tuesday at 9:25 pm. local time an interview will be broadcasted on TV2 where the Crown Princess and Mikkel Hansen tells much more about the project and how the problem can be solved. Because of the announcement that the Mary Foundation will be working with MH24 and the association Mikkel Against Bullying, I'm sure this is not the last time we are going to hear about this project.

Update: It was a clearly moved Crown Princess who participate in the interview with Mikkel Hansen in the broadcast Tuesday evening. They both pointed out how important it is we do something about social isolation in general but also takes care of the consequences for instance bullying. Mikkel Hansen talks about how important he think it is as a public person to pay attention to issues like these. Mary was very responsive and emphasized that bullying occurs in many different places. Leisure time activities are a new way to draw attention to the problem and she tells that she looks forward to working together with Mikkel and MH24 along with the Mary Foundation. 

The Heart Association's Research Scholarship

Monday, January 11th

Crown Princess Mary attended the Heart Association's Research Scholarship (Hjerteforeningens Forskningslegater) at Hotel d'Angleterre in Copenhagen.

The Heart Association / Hjerteforeningen
The Heart Association / Hjerteforeningen is the second largest organization in Denmark working with research on cardiovascular diseases, such as prevention of heart diseases and patient support. They have more than 136,000 members. The association is a private organization working for donations and they provide financial support to Danish research with about DKK 25 million. Their four main values: to Courage - Recovery - Proximity - Credibility. Read more about the Heart Association / Hjerteforeningen here 1

As promised you now get an more detailed update on Mary's day with the The Heart Association. You already know the reason why because with no computer and no internet it's difficult to write on the blog. That makes pretty good sense, right? With both of these things, I'm now ready to make you the post you deserve. My post from yesterday was way to simple and I haven't got a chance to look for any details. Now I'm updated which you also soon will be. From the second Mary arrived to the exclusive Hotel d'Angleterre in Copenhagen, I as well as other medias noticed that she was in a excellent mood. Her whole body language smiled from her eyes to mouth. As patron of The Heart Association Mary is the perfect person to hand over the Heart Associations Research Scholarships to three heart researchers. She was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the same colours as her outfit by a flower girl, her heart sick sister and little brother. These were not the only children by whom she was welcomed because when she arrival she was given a huge hug by the children. When I first saw this picture my heart melted! It's not that we never see Mary give someone a hug, it's the fact that this hug look so sincerely. Mary was smiling all over the face. This just made me so happy to see. She was also photographed with the children who gave her a hug at the arrival and a little teddy in red trousers and a blue knitted hat. She also had a little chat with the children who is so called 'heart children' (hjertebørn) who have different kind of heart disease. Some of them Mary have met before on other occasions as her role as patron. Before handing over the scholarship she gave a speech on the stage in front of all participants, a speech that impressed everybody. She made it clear how much it means to her to be a part of the Heart Association's work. The three researchers who received a scholarship this year are Majbritt Tang Svendsen, Jes Sandal Lindholt and Lars Idorn. Congratulation to all three of them. I do not know how, but they have certainly helped to make the web break discoveries and advances in the case of research with heart diseases.

Et billede slået op af The Danish Royal Family (@crownprincessmary_denmark) den

I think you are as surprised as I am when we talk about clothes, am I right? Really I can't describe why I was so surprised but it's something about the combination of the different items and of course colours. I adore the burgundy layer skirt mixed with the dark navy blue blouse, which we by the way have seen her wear in white at one or two occasions. I once suggested that this blouse is from Baum und Pfergarden but it's not. In a mail I had it confirmed. So, do you my wonderful readers got an idea who the designer could be of her new blouse? I hope to hear from you! I kinda like the way this outfit turned out with the marching burgundy suede pumps and new skirt which was identified by Lurdes, my dear friend, as Alexander McQeen. Thanks for the help!! Without her I wouldn't have guessed McQueen was the designer because almost every designer have once created a skirt similar to this one Mary is wearing; and really where to start? - at your friends of course. Back to the pumps she was wearing and it was a little complicated to find these, but once again my dearest friend Kate turned out to be the right person to ask. Because, to me, they looked burgundy and then black which got me confused. Kate had the answer: a bicolor suede pump from Prada and not Gianvito Rossi as I first thought. I have to admit that I'm do not fancy her new pumps that much but really Mary makes everything look stunning! Isn't that right? To match the blue blouse, she wore her expensive blue clutch from the Danish brand Quidam and a pair of earrings in the same lovely burgundy colour as her new skirt. Kate suggested that Jewlcph could be the designer and I think she's right in her assumption. And she was. Mai Manniche posted this on her Instagram. She matched her outfit with burgundy nail polish and Cartier watch featuring a black leather watchband. Finally, I need to hear what you think of this outfit? -have you fallen in love with it or do you think it's a little too... special? 

Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch
Earrings: Jewlscph Elegant Drops w. Rubies DKK 1.899
Watch: Cartier
Skirt: Alexander McQueen Fluted Crepe Midi Skirt Burgundy 

Congratulation Prince Vincent & Princess Josephine!

When these two little sweethearts woke up this morning outside waited a lovely surprise: snow! The most wonderful way for two 5th year old to celebrate their birthday! In the cold and snowy weather Mary, Frederik and Ziggy picked up the royal twins from kindergarten on each their bike all dressed in warm clothes. On occasion of this big day three new photos have been published of the twins taken by their mother, Crown Princess Mary, you find them here. I assume one of them was taken in Australia and the two others may have been taken the same day as the one used on the Crown Prince couples christmas card from 2015. Styleofmary would like to wish the Prince and Princess a happy birthday!

Day 3: New Year Reception at Christiansborg Palace

Wednesday, January 6th

Queen Margrethe hosted the third and last new year reception at Christiansborg Palace for Officers from the Armed Forces and the Emergency Management Agency, I., II. and III. social class, and invited representatives of major union confederations and patronages. Traditionally she arrived, on her own this year, in the 175 year old gold coach. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary did also attend the reception.

  • 9:00 am. Queen Margrethe drove from Amalienborg Castle to Christiansborg Palace in the gold coach.
  • Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arrived to Christiansborg Palace.
  • 9:30 am. Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary greeted Officers from the Armed Forces.
  • 10:00 am. Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary greeted the Emergency Management Agency, social class I., II. 
  • 10:30 am. Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary greeted the Emergency Management Agency, social class III. 
  • 12:30 pm. Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary greeted the invited representatives of major union confederations and patronages.
  • 1:30 pm. Queen Margrethe drove from Christiansborg Palace to Amalienborg Castle in the gold coach.

I think many of you expected me to write about the last new year reception yesterday and I'm sorry if I disappointed you. Sometimes even an important post has to wait. So now I hope I will be able to write one of the best blog entires, you hopefully will enjoy. As the two first days I was really excited about this last reception held at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. Each one of the three new year receptions are in some way special because on January 1st they celebrate the biggest night: New Years Eve, on January 5th we get to see all the amazing and colourful national costumes when representatives from many different countries are invited and on the 6th of January is tradition that Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik arrive to the reception in the 175 year old gold coach, you find my previous post about the coach here, but this year Margrethe drove the gold coach on her own you already know the reason why. In Copenhagen they got a little snow and actually it snowed when the Queen drove from Amalienborg to Christiansborg which gave us the most wonderful pictures: a smily Queen in her gold coach in snowy weather. Almost magical! In the meantime all the invited guests arrived who were served a cop of coffee. Last year I visited the palace with Mette from Royalista who wrote about the visit in this post. Magnificent rooms, the exact same rooms where the guests were served coffee when they waited to meet the royal family members. Shortly before Margrethe arrived, her son and daughter-in-law arrived to Christiansborg Palace to participate in this years last new year reception. No more new year celebration till next year. Before we end this post too soon we of course need to talk about clothes. It continues below the picture which by the way is taken when the Crown Prince couple arrived by car from Amalienborg Castle.

Queen Margrethe reiterated her success from the day before by wearing the same Jørgen Bender dress and matching blue jacket which features brown fur. A suit she has been wearing for quite some years and is absolutely great because it keep her warm when she drives the gold coach. Often we also see her wear a large fur coat to keep warm on the short ride. The coach has no heating devices and January is differently not hot in Denmark. Because of the pretty large orders on her chest, Margrethe only wore rather small jewelleries. Like her mother-in-law, Mary was dressed in the most beautiful navy blue coloured gown. I'm sure that has been planned in advance before the reception. At first I had no idea which dress Mary was wearing yesterday. It didn't look like anything I have seen before and yet it reminded me of something from another new year reception. Maybe I was wrong? Luckily I have the best of friends who always are ready to help me. The second I was told which dress it reminded me of, there was no doubt in my mind: because Mary dazzled in the dress she wore last year on the same day! What confused me is the fact that the dress has been altered a bit, just a little bit, because the significant beaded neckline is now removed and makes space for something just as beautiful. A pearl necklace created by Marianne Dulong, last seen in October 2010 when she was pregnant with Prince Vincent and Josephine which by the way celebrate their birthday tomorrow! Did you remember this necklace? I recognized it right away. From the same jewellery designer Mary wore earrings, a stunning black pearl bracelet and a ring I strongly believe is from Dulong too. Well, back to the dress. Everyone tells that it's from Prada. Sorry, but I hardly believe that. Me or no one else know for sure. Therefor it's important to me to tell that it has been proven at all. Remember that. Of course it is a possibility but often her evening gown like this is from a tailor. The blue Order of the Elephant and the colour of her dress is simply dazzling. Very elegant, especially at the arrival when she wore a cashmere cape in more or less the same dark navy blue colour. Lurdes convinced me that it is the exact same as the one she wore when Margrethe celebrated her 75th birthday and was celebrated in the City Hall driving a coach with Frederik and Mary. What do you say, isn't it the same? Unfortunately, I have never been able to identify it. She accessorized her outfit with black satin pumps from Prada, a bright blue Quidam clutch and white gloves. Take a notice of her hairstyle and makeup; such a beauty she is! I want to thank you so much for following the new year reception here at Style of Mary along with me. It has been a pleasure for me to share all of this with you and I already look forward to January 2017.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Ocean Earrings, 18K Gold w. Tahitian Pearls DKK 7,400
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Catena
Necklace: Marianne Dulong
Ring: Marianne Dulong
Clutch: Quidam Blue Alligator Clutch
Shoes: Prada Satin Grey Pumps $163.50 (pre-owned)

Day 2: New Year Reception at Amalienborg & Christiansborg

Tuesday, January 5th

9:50 am. Queen Margrethe hosted the second New Year's reception for Supreme Court judges, the Royal Life Guards and regiments Officer Corps at Christian VII's Palace, Amalienborg in Copenhagen. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary did also attend the reception.

11:30 am. Traditionally, Queen Margrethe hosts the second and third New Year's reception the same day for the diplomatic corps at Christiansborg Palace. At the reception Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary also attended. 1 1

Time for a more detailed post. Many of you might not even got to read the first I wrote this morning but I realized that so many lovely pictures, from today, have already been published and my readers need to get the best experience reading my blog. Therefor I now ready to fully update on everything from todays two new year receptions. Traditionally, Queen Margrethe hosts the second and third New Year's reception the same day -one at Amalienborg Castle at 9:50 am. and one at Christiansborg Palace at 11:30 am. For the first time in many years Margrethe will addend the reception without her husband because as you know he has announced that he will retire. However, we will still see him for certain events. So this year the Queen was accompanied by her son and daughter-in-law to greet the Supreme Court judges, the Royal Life Guards, regiments Officer Corps and the diplomatic corps, not to forget. If you missed my little piece of history about the new year receptions you find it here where you of course also get to see Mary from the first reception at January 1st. Before 11:30 am. all invited guests arrived to Christiansborg Palace, followed by Frederik and Mary and as the last one Queen Margrethe. Margrethe, Frederik and Mary were about to meet the 58 ambassadors and 20 Chargé d'Affaires from twenty different countries, like Finland, Burkina Faso and Turkey. Wonderful about this reception is how all the guests are dressed because every year it's very colourful and printed clothes we see. The reason is because many of the guests wear their traditional old national costumes, everything big hats, saris, layered skirts etc. especially the attending women look great.  For sure they know how to dress true to their culture and traditions. That's lovely to see all this. In Denmark we also have several different national costumes here you see Queen Margrethe in one of them. What would you say if it became a tradition for the royals to wear national costumes as well? As always the royal family members greeted the guests before the reception began in the Great Hall with the beautiful floors. The Queen was sitting in a chair, because of some problems with the back, next to her son and daughter-in-law both standing stood throughout the séance of welcoming all 78 invited guests who were ready to shake hands with the royals. Afterwards they enjoyed a glass of champagne and kransekage -something the Danes eat at new years eve which is a kind of cake made of almonds, sugar and egg white. Meanwhile her Majesty and her guests enjoyed a good time together inside the walls of Christiansborg it was windy and cold outside with a little snow, something we have waited for all December. 

How can I possible describe Mary's outfit from today's reception? -maybe only with one word; graceful! More elegant as every. I think I have mentioned to you, more than once I believe, how I adored Mary's style back in 2007 and 2008. By no doubt this is the period of her life I love her style the most. It was elegant, delicate and feminine. Three words that perfectly describe her angel look this morning! Still, I like the fact that her style has become a bit more mature and modern. Because she is a royal she does not follow trends the same we do, in my eyes she dictates them. More beautiful than ever, Mary was almost floating across the hall when she arrived with Frederik earlier this morning wearing what I believe is her snow white Birgit Hallstein gown, which she wore at the dinner to honor the King and Queen of the Netherlands in March 2015 (picture below) and again at last years new year reception on January 1st, just without the piece of fabric covering her left hip. The gown features 3/4 sleeves and a small train. She accessorized her look with a pink suede belt (thanks to Lurdes I know see that it's not beige, white gloves and red nail polish. Stunning! I was contacted by one of the co-founders of Naledi Copenhagen, what and honor (!), she kindly informed me that Mary wore one of their new clutches in a beautiful latte beige which features a larger flap and sharp corners. As many of her other Naledi clucthes, this is made of 100 % genuine sustainable South African farmed ostrich leather.

When she arrived she wore, over her shoulder, a grey wool coat as we have never seen it before, which I by the way believe is from JOSEPH. Around the neck a white pearl necklace featuring a rather large pink stone, which we saw in 2014 when she attended a dinner in honor of the Turkish President visiting Denmark. This large drop pendant was sold on Bruun Rasmussen's Bredgade auction which is where all their exclusive items are sold. The pink and white diamond earrings are from Hartmann's. With some help from Kate I was able to kindly ask Hartmann's if this could be their design and luckily they said yes. Wearing black, grey and white is the epitome of Scandinavian fashion but because we have Mary this never gets boring. She matched her outfit with dazzling pink Gianvito Rossi pumps that of course also matched the best, necklace and lipstick. When I dress, it's important to me that at least two of the items I wear have the same colour. I think it makes a good balance and especially in the case when I'm wearing bright colours or prints. With a beautiful and simple updo and the Order of the Elephant Mary keeps me breathless! Elegant, delicate and feminine. Remember, we still have one more reception left tomorrow on January 6th when Queen Margrethe will arrive in the golden coach.

Gown: Birgit Hallstein
Coat: JOSEPH Double Cashmere Oslo Coat €657 (on sale)
Pendant on Necklace: Pink Diamond Pendant
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Allana Latte Beige Ostric Clutch DKK 5,969
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Rose Pink Pointed Toe Pumps $238