A Very Happy New Year!

Dear readers,

2016 is near and it's finally time for me to wish you all a happy new year! I hope you had the most amazing Christmas and enjoyed some time along with your family and friends. 2015 has been a year with many different emotions. For me, Mary and her family and the rest of the world. It's a year we will remember with a sense of turbulence. Indeed, we does also have a lot of great memories from the past year, memories we will remember with great pleasure. For Mary it has been a year with focus on social work and in general work related to charity. She launched a new app with the Maternity Foundation, working to prepare next years biggest event -Women Deliver is coming to Denmark. She also visited Ethiopia and Senegal, opened a psychiatric hospital in Slagelse, attended the RC65 WHO in Lithuania, launched Plant a Tree Campaign and then she attended The Global Network of Women's Shelters' Conference in the Netherlands etc.

We had a official state visit from the Netherlands, King Willhelm-Alenxander and his lovely wife Queen Maximá visited Denmark with great success to return a few months later to attend the celebration of Queen Margrethe on her 75th birthday. As royalist we had some amazing days on occasion of these two events. Then we also had a state visit to Germany, something I enjoyed writing about. And of course then we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the 1915th constitution of women's rights in Denmark. In June we then had this year's big wedding in Sweden. Prince Carl-Philip married Sofia which at the same time became Princess Sofia of Sweden. And of course we have the brand new official photographs of the Crown Prince couple which I absolutely loved. Other sweet memories I have from 2015 is when Mary, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine attended the Organic Day and of course we all remember when Princess Isabella and her mother attended Isabella's first day at work as royal! Mary as also named The Most Stylish Young Royal Woman by the readers of Hello! The one big event after another. We were really spoiled this year. Unfortunately, this all this happiness was destroyed when the world was hit by some terrible events in November which also affected the royal family because as we all know Prince Henrik and Princess Marie are both from France. All the victims are still in our thoughts.

This year ends almost like any other, because three magical days with new new year's receptions are planned in the beginning of the new year. 2016. I hope you will get a wonderful beginning of the new year! At least I want to thank you for everything you give me and because you have made my 2015 this fantastic. I look forward to one more year in your company. To give you the best start I have collected photos of a bunch of events from the year we leave. Happy new year everybody!!!!

Yours sincerely

Merry Chirstmas!

Dear Readers!

Finally it's time for me to wish you and your families a merry Christmas. It is something I look forward to every single year: Christmas. That time a year when we celebrate the most important to us -our family and friends. Tell them how much we care about them and love them. We do that way too little in the every days. It is also the time for me to tell you fantastic people how much all of you means to me and this blog. I could not do any of this without you. When I started my update on the entire blog I realized how bad all my previous posts are and still you keep reading everything I write. For that I'm very very grateful. What you give me is worth more than you can imagine. Your support helps me on a daily basis and makes me want to continue with what I love: writing about Mary and sharing fashion news. Frederik and Mary does also send you the wish of a merry Christmas, here! With the Christmas illustration from 1931 I want to wish you the most amazing  Christmas! Enjoy every moment and take care. 


The Australian Christmas

The day before Christmas Eve (in Denmark) I think it's time to give you a resume on how the Crown Prince couple and their four lovely children have spend their December in Mary's homeland, Australia. Because as you now, the family are going to celebrate Christmas in Tasmania with Mary's family for the first time in 11 years. What I know off the family arrive to Australia one of the first days in December. On December 3rd Mary visited the Children's House SIV which was her last event before leaving Denmark with the rest of the family. As Daily Mail writes, the family have been seen in various locations from the Margaret River region to Ravensthope. Locals know how far these locations are from each other and to the rest of you; it's about six hours each way. So far I think the family have had a really great time together. They have been spotted at Cowaramup Bakery getting coffee, buying bubblegum in Gnowangerup IGA and enjoying some time with Mary's brother John Donaldson at the Margaret River Chocolate Company in Swan Vally. Everywhere they go, they are  barely noticed. People describe them as down on earth and was acting like everybody else. About a week ago Mary was spotted shopping with her friend Amber Petty, Princess Isabella and Princess Josephine. In Denmark it's just rainy and nothing special at all. In Australia the royal family enjoy the rather good weather by swimming Mermaid Beach in Queensland. A few days before the 24th Mary was spotted with some of her friends south of Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens in Byron Bays hinterland, dressed in a grabbing outfit I'm sure many of you would love. Like any other "tourist" I think Mary enjoyed some time on her own with her friends, just at her time on Christmas Eve when she was late minutes shopping in white shorts, sipping a smoothie similar to her colourful blouse. Just a few days before the family returned to Denmark, they spend a few more days on the beach as on December 28th and here around the same time.

I'm sure they have had a great month and I wish them all a merry christmas!! Because no one knows when they will be home again, some of you may be uncertain whether the crown prince couple will attend the New Year's receptions. Don't worry -they'll be there!

Update: I received a request from one of my lovely readers to do a more precise update on what Mary was wearing during her month in Australia. And that you will get. In the first place I thought I would avoid it because it was a private vacation and I'm pretty much against following them in their leisure time. But now when the pictures are taken and you are asking for it, I will share what I know about her vacation fashion. 

Margaret River in Swan Vally
Shades: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175

Shopping with Amber Petty
Shades: Chanel 515H in Gloss Black
Blouse: By Malene Birger
Skirt: Ganni Brown Skirt
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Pacific Bracelet
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong
Bag: Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag

Mermaid Beach in Queensland
Swimwear: Body Glove Blouse
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong

Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens in Byron Bays hinterland
Shades: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175
Necklace + Pendant: Ole Lynggaard + Medallion Pendant + Lotus Pentant
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Leaves Ring
Bag: Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag

Last minute shopping in Byron Bay
Shades: Chanel 515H in Gloss Black
Blouse: Zara Yellow Printed Tunic
Necklace + Pendant: Ole Lynggaard Medallion Pendant + Lotus Pentant
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong
Bag: Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag

A day on the beach in Byron Bay
Dress: Seed Heritage Embroidered Frill Dress
Shades: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong
Sandals: Prada Leather T-strap Cage Sandals

Shades: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175
Hat: Susanne Juul
Bag: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Day Gweneth Palm Bag

Out for a run
Sneakers: Ascis Womens Gel-Kayano 21 Black/Lightning/Raspberry

The Queens Dresses on Exhibition

To honor Denmark's wonderful Queen Margrethe on her 75th birthday in April this year, the National Museum exhibited some of her dresses and costumes from her 32 years as princess and more than 43 years as Queen of Denmark. All this to represent the Queen and her life devoted to Denmark and the Danes. Some of her most elegant and colourful dresses were exhibited in the Banquet Hall of Frederiksberg castle. Everything from ball gown to her timeless wedding dress were exhibited.  Around the opening in March 2015 the Queen herself visited the exhibition and with great pleasure she admired every single one of the dresses. I'm sure it caused many memories to see all these dresses and costumes from her childhood, youth and of course as Queen. Unfortunately I did not get to see it myself, this magical exhibition loved by all fashionistas, so it's good I have my own little "spies" out there because with the help from Pernille I'm, finally, able to share some of her photos with you of Her Majesty dresses. In collaboration with Dronningens Kjoler (The Queens Dresses) written by Katia Johansen I'm sure you will enjoy all of it. A really amazing book where the writer had the opportunity to talk with Margrethe about her dresses. To celebrate that Christmas is near and our passion of course I will share all of it with you! I hate that I need to mention this but these pictures can only be used with my permission.

The little fur coat you see in the background was worn by the Queen from approx. 1942-1944 and is made of small pieces of squirrel fur all sewn together in a special way. It features a little collar and has four large buttons. The label says Birger Christensen, Copenhagen, which we know from Mary as well. After Queen Ingrid's death it was apparently handed over to the Amalienborg Museum.

Just a month old Margrethe was christened in Holmes Church in an old christening gown form the time of Frederik IIX and Queen Lovisa when their son Christian (x.) was born (1870). The lace were found by Lovisa herself in Belgium. Since Prince Christian X was christened many more royal children have worn it, just like Margrethe did in 1940. This is also the dress worn by Crown Prince Frederik and three of his four children.

From 1958-1970 Margrethe did voluntary service with female flying corps and this is her uniform. Made of a very delicate wool in a marine blue colour. The white 'label' you see on the left pocket says SG Prinsesse Margrethe. What you can't see of the photo is the matching hat with her name inside and a short jacket. 

One of the most important dresses of them all -her wedding gown from 1967 when she married Henrik. It is created by Jørgen Bender who has designed a lot of dresses afterwards. 15 dresses was what he created to the wedding according to the book where Margrethe also tells that it was her wish to get long sleeves, a square neckline and wearing her mothers old lace which are not on the dress anymore. Mary wore the same on her wedding gown and as the time of Margrethe the lace were taken off. The train is five meters long and attached to the gown in a way that it's able to be taken off.

Another dress designed by Jørgen Bender who as I just told also created Margrethe's wedding gown back in 1967. With it's classic 80s style this yellow dress featuring white dots and a matching hat was worn on May 26th in 1986. A special day because her oldest son turned 18 years old. It also features a draping on the back. Later it was worn on a state visit in the Czech Republic in 1991.

Here we have a dress from the time of her engagement in 1966. The Queen tells that she purchase the printed fabric in Kyoto in around 1963. With great certainty the dress is from Magasin (not the same as me know today). Originally it was created without any sleeves but around a year later, '66, sleeves were added. She wore it back in 1967 when she visited Ottawa and attended a gala dinner with the Prime Minister.

This is one of my personal favourite gowns of them all! I'm crazy in love with it. The dress was given to her by Erik Mortensen on occasion of their weeding. It's made of the same fabric as the weeding gown and is from Balmain. At the time Margrethe wore this dress with a long coat featuring matching pearl embroidery as in June 1967 when she attended a dinner at den French embassy and again in 1969 at one of the new year reception.

This has to be the "dress" owned by Margrethe that has been redesigned most. Originally it was designed back in 1973 to her fist state visit in Sweden, by Jørgen Bender in collaboration with the Queen. One year later, 1974, the floor length dress became a skirt and worn with a white lace blouse as in the 1840/1860s. Then in 1986 the dress was now a blouse, skirt and jacket as we know it today and as it was exhibited. She has worn it at several new year receptions from 1987-1997. Here you see her in 1995 twenty years ago. And here on one of her official photographs.  

This bordeaux lace dream of a dress was also created by Jørgen Bender. Around '72 Magasin and later Illum did not make dresses etc. anymore and Bender was the one to make Margrethe's gowns. According to Dronningens Kjoler, the Queen purchased the lace in France. It was worn in 1983 at a state visit in Spain and actually it appears more than once over the years. Like here and here

This Jørgen Bender-dress was worn by the Queen at the party in Tivoli before she turned 50 years old. The dress is called the "Tivoli-dress" mainly because she wore in on that specific occasion and I think also because of the many colours. Margrethe purchased the fabric herself by the milliner Vagn. 

This rather large gown was made in 1994 on occasion of Prince Henrik's 60 years birthday. The significant "flower" sleeves features smaller roses in the middle which you unfortunately can't see. Since '94 she has worn it multiple times; in 1994, 1995 and 1998. 

At the wedding in 2004 Queen Margrethe was wearing the white floral gown (right) created by Mogens Eriksen. As her wedding gown, this features a square neckline. A little more interesting is the other dress (left) because you might remember at the wedding Margrethe wore a floor length coat over the floral dress; this is it. It was redesigned to a dress with shorter sleeves and a square neckline. Both dresses worn at several occasions since. 

Back in 2000 Margrethe celebrated her 60th birthday. On that occasion she and Verner Enquist designed this purple dress. Significant is the square neckline and of course the wonderful crystal belt. The Queen drew this herself and Verner Enquist did the embroidery. Here you see the dress about a years later. 

This massive tulle gown is drawn by Uffe Frank, created by Jørgen Benders partner Verner Enquist. The midnight blue tulle gown is the first dress after Jørgen Bender pasted away. The dress was worn in 2000 on occasion of her 60th birthday. It features the characteristic square neckline the Queen is found of. The tulle is embroidered with an abstract pattern in silver threads. 

A bright red dress which was a gift from Jørgen Bender to the Queen on occasion of her 50th birthday in 1990. It features several very special details: first of all the unique neckline, second the large draping, third the slim sleeves. 

One of my favourite gowns of them all which reminds me so much of Mary's Birgit Hallstein dress. Margrethe's was created in 1997 in the most wonderful burgundy velvet. It features slim sleeves and a beautifully designed train. At front a significant pattern of leaves, birds or a thing thing designed by the Queen herself. Because if was designed to her jubilee in '97, it's designed to have space for all her orders and golden chains. 

When Margrethe and Henrik celebrated their silver wedding at Fredensborg castle, she wore this dress which she had designed in collaboration with Jørgen Bender. It features rather large tulle sleeves, a low neckline and dark purple flowers. The fabric is purchased in France and features silver threads. The many meters of fabric has become a beautiful train to complete this different purple shade evening gown. 

This huge blue dress has a story that goes back to a visit in Saudi Arabia. Some of the fabric is from another dress from '74 where more fabric was added. Around the 90s the blue dress was transformed to what you see today. The paisley-fabric is from another dress the Queen did not like to wear. 

A greenish A-line evening gown form the 70s, created by Jørgen Bender. The very different colour of the dress may have occurred because there had painted a portrait of the Queen and the painter had the dress sway backed and it might has been faded in the sun. Since 1973 the dress has been worn at several different occasions. It features a low neckline on the back, which you unfortunately can't see, we often see at front and not like this dress (on the back).

I would like this post to have been all about the changes and all the different occasions Queen Margrethe has worn all of these stunning dresses and gowns. Despite that it ended up with something a little different I still hope you enjoyed  watching all the photos. I love the fact that her dresses were on exhibition to celebrate her and give all of us the opportunity to admire them!

Fourth Advent = Fourth Christmas Eve Inspiration

Well girls, there are only four/five days left now till the big night we have all waited for. The last four weeks I have with great pleasure shared some of my personal favourite outfits with you to inspire you to find the perfect look in your style. Right from the beginning my goal was sharing four outfits in order to hit all of your different tastes. Everything from the little-black-dress to sparkling sequins,  maxi dresses and one classic suit. I hope that I have managed to pick something that has been able to inspire all of you to find a Christmas outfit that makes you happy. I am the type who spend months to gather ideas for what to wear I at an particular event I'm going to. Maybe that's a little too much, despite that It's something I really like. Christmas and New Year are the two times a year where to make the most of one's outfit if you ask me. Because my New Year's Eve is very quiet this year, I choose be a little more 'crazy' on Christmas Eve. No one is as lucky as I am because I have the best friend you can ever imagine who gave me the golden Ganni dress like Mary wore at The St. Loye Prize 2015! Enough about me, the last outfit I haven chosen to share with you wonderful people is from 2007 when Mary and Frederik were on a official to New York shortly after Princess Isabella was worn. Actually I think Isabella joined them because she was way too little to be without her mother this long. A stunning sparkling outfit with amazing details. I think this would be great as a Christmas outfit with the beige leather skirt, golden accessories and sequin jacket. In my eyes a winner!

Sequin jacket: French Connection Sunbeamer Sequin Jacket £77
Belt: Brave Obi Wrap Leather Belt £87.84
Skirt: J. Crew Petite Pencil Skirt £110
Earrings: Tong and Song Clear CZ Rectangle Drop Earrings $55 
Bracelets: Lydell NYC Pyramid Stacked Crystal Cuff Bracelets $24.50
Watch: Bulova Women's Bulova Atch Rectangular $188
Ring: Kevin Jewelers Sterling Silver & 14K Smoky Quartz and White Topaz Ring $120.99
Clutch: Julia Cocco' Bronze Mini Satin Cluthc $96
Shoes: Presli Crocco Leather Pumps $219

Sequin jacket: Rose Gal Long Sleeve Embellished Solid Color Women's Blazer $20.62
Belt: New Look Black Embellished Waist Belt £14.99
Skirt: Lulu's Chic Beige Pencil Skirt $28
Earrings: c.A.K.e by Ali Khan Gold-Tone Square Crystal and Pavé Drop Earrings £12.72
Bracelets: Erica Lyons Golden Globe Bracelet Set $14
Watch: Rudiger Women's Boon Gold IP Stainless Steel Watch £94.92
Ring: Journee Collection 14K Goldplated Sterling Silver Topaz 3-stone Ring £47.79
Clutch: Nina Larry Satin Clutch £41.21
Shoes: Nine West Women's Jackpot Leather Dress Pumps $23.70-79

Hair (Ideas)
As you see Mary did not have the most "exciting" hairstyle just a rather simple blowout like the one I talked about last week, here. I like the fact that Mary is able to make such a simple hairstyle looks this beautiful! I do not master this yet but I think it can be done with a curling irons or straighteners as well. A few wavy curls is what I see. Because of the sparkling sequin jacket and many golden accessories I see why she did not chose a flashy and extravagant hairdo. So instead of telling you one more time how to do this I thought why not imagine I was her hairdresser and give you suggestions what I think would do great to this outfit. At the time, 2007, her hair was medium length therefor these ideas are great for you with a medium length hair. I love the more loose and casual hairstyles and I think they would do great to Christmas Eve with a sequin jacket and leather skirt! These kind of hairstyles are also quite easy to make and it really dos not matter that they look too perfect. 

Make up
No doubt that Mary's makeup is always flawless of course with the help from her hairdresser and stylist Søren Hedegaard who is a brilliant at what he does. It takes a lot of practice but still you do not need a professional to look your best. I will show you products you'll need to create a wonderful look similar to Mary's from her New York trip. The brown eye makeup perfectly matched her golden, dark, brown and copper shades of her outfit. As usual her lips had a powder pink colour because of the shiny lip gloss to make her lips look a little bigger. Before I start talking more about what you need, it's important for you to remember to find the colours that matches your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. With Mary's brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin the copper colours looks stunning! 

Makeup Primer/ Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer $37
Foundation/ Bourjois Happy Light Foundation 30ml £11.99
Miniral Powder/ Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder $38
Blush/ MAC Powder Blush, 0.21 £15.63
Lipgloss/ Burt's Bees Lip Gloss £8.99

After four weeks, with four very different Christmas Eve outfits inspirations I hope I have been able to inspire you to find an outfit that will make your evening even better. If you need last minute ideas you find my previous posts here, here and here. On the first advent I talked about the classic little-black dress accessorized with golden jewelries. A week later about a maxi silver gown, the more modern white suit on advent third and today the final outfit with sparkling sequins and copper accessories. Give you vote and let me know which outfit you find the most inspiring to you. I would also love to hear about your Christmas Eve plans and what you will be wearing. Look forward to hear from you! Merry fourth advent everybody<3

Our Crown Princess Mary Obsession #9

We are so close to the most amazing day a year -Christmas! Every day I'm getting more and more excited. I will celebrate Christmas with my family which I'm really much looking forward to. How are you going to celebrate Christmas with? Do you have some favourite traditions? I have plenty: going to church with my granddad, sining, the fantastic food and many other things. I simply love this time a year. We all know that after Christmas a new year is close, when it's time to look back and remember all the things we have experienced. One of those thing I have enjoyed very much the past year is sharing all your stories in Our Crown Princess Mary Obsession-posts. I've been so lucky to be able to share more than eight great stories and I've enjoyed every single one of them. Around two and a half week before we start a new year, I will share the last (so far) obsession post with you. We are traveling all the way to California to meet the one and only Royal Watcher! Which of course it a alias for an absolutely wonderful woman. I have know RW for about a year and she is a dedicated royalist loving the style of beautiful Crown Princess Mary. I was thrilled when she decided to write and share her story because it's worth hearing about. Her royal interested started somewhere else in Great Britain but traveled all way to Denmark. Enjoy a few minutes of royalty!

Royal Watcher introduced her three pages email with these words: "My obsession with Crown Princess Mary started in 2011 just before the weeding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Full disclosure: I have been a royal watcher all my life; however, my interest was mainly in the British royal family. I'm a "student" of history first; however, one cannot help but be drawn into the intrigue of the live of royals, especially, present day royalty when the information is everywhere -at our fingertips, really. However, I digress. I first learned about the Crown Princess when a soft news outfit compared the current Duchess of Cambridge to the Crown Princess of Denmark. It truly piqued my interest and began my research. Granted, the outfit had compared the fashion choices and much more of both women but I was not drawn to the crown princess because of her fashion choices." Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, has taken the world by storm, she is loved by everyone no matter of age, gender, nationality etc. She amazed the world from the second she married Prince William. Despite the dark brown hair, Catherine and Mary are two different women living in two very different countries. Another thing that caught her attention was, of course, her story. The story that we all love and adore: "I was intrigued because of her story. I had not known at the time of Crown Prince Fredrik and I soon learn that he had married a “commoner" named Mary Elizabeth Donaldson. My research began in earnest when I read the little said about her background and when I tried to find a book about her there was but one. It was published many years prior and could only be acquired as “used” for quite a sum."

RW's favourite hat in the stunning powder pink colour!
It was when RW began her search to find much more about this "new" Crown Princess of Denmark she discovered one blog that was little different than all the others: "It was then that I started to research blogs and I came across much that was written about the Crown Princess that was negative, but this blog “StyleofMary” did not. Granted it did not give a lot of information about the Crown Princess but it was enough as what was out there in the blogosphere left a lot to be desired. Suffice it to say, I have been reading “StyleofMary blog every day, ever since." She goes on: "The crown princess’ story was an intriguing one. A middle-class lady, who followed her heart and had the strength of her convictions to say “yes’ to moving to the other side of the world; to take on a life style steeped in tradition, centuries old and one filled with protocol that is not a choice but a way of life. This all so very different from what she probably experienced as an employee of an advertising firm but she was up to the challenge. It does not take a lot to deduce that the crown princess is someone who is driven; is determined to make a difference and more importantly, to succeed. It is my opinion, that despite the challenge, the crown princess has shown beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is up to the task. She will one day become Queen, yet another challenge before her, but she has shown that she can rise to the occasion--come what may."

The one and only favourite evening gown.
We already know that one of the reasons why Royal Watcher likes Mary and why she caught her attention is because of her style. Style of Mary is, as the names says, of course about her fashion. She is admired by women all over the world because of her personal and classic style. We admire Mary for her experimenting and always appropriate outfits. What I love about having my own fashion blog about Mary is that I'm able to show people, that have a negative feeling about royal's and their fashion-habits, is much more than just clothes, expensive evening gowns and expenses. "This is deliberate, as “Style of Mary’ does not present the crown princess as a “clothes horse”; but as a royal with a keen sense of what is expected of her, in her role as crown princess, wife, mother and someone on the world stage, who can use her influence to good effect. What is so special about Mary is perseverance to make a difference: "She has many patronages as most royals do in this world where republicanism is very real and royals must prove their worth and seem to always vie for publicity, deserved or not. I say this, because, I had not known of the crown princess until four years ago, however, she has been fighting for women and girls health from the early days of her marriage. Her name is not all over the English-speaking world, (I live in North America), and nevertheless she continues to fight for poor women and girls in third world nations who suffer untold abuse and the disadvantaged in society." With her personality she gained the Danes trust that she i able to represent Denmark. "I feel she knows that it is not about her, but about the fact that she can effectively use her status to bring attention to such abuses and to the disadvantaged. Therefore, the crown princess in her role as representative of the Danish Monarchy dresses well; she rarely if ever have a fashion faux pas and having said that, I think that the office of crown princess is not mainly about fashion." "Being appropriately dressed is part of being a princess, as it is part of being a “first lady” or an executive in a large corporation. The crown princess wears classic pieces that she brings back time and again –one can learn about mixing and matching from the crown princess as she reuses different pieces from past seasons that she teams with new coordinating piece to create a new look. "

"She hired a stylist because I think she understood from day one that how you present yourself matters, no matter your job. I most admire her attention to detail which many would like to emulate as we see this play out in the crown princess’s style and deportment. As regards her style, I greatly admire how she is always impeccably pulled together; all the elements that go together to make any outfit regardless of occasion are always coordinated and her assemble well suited for the event. Her hair perfectly coiffed; her make-up flawless and accessories perfectly coordinated." Isn't it what we all think? 

Elegant, classy and feminine. Royal Watchers most beloved suit.
So with these words I want to thanks all of you who have participate in my Mary-obsession-posts and of course all of you who have been reading. It has been a true pleasure for me to share all of these stories with you. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have. Once again I thanks all of you to have the courage sharing it all with me and my readers. You are all wonderful! I appreciate your fellowship. This is the perfect way to end and celebrate Christmas such as a new year. 

Third Advent = Third Christmas Eve Inspiration

It's already December 13th which means there are only eleven days to find out what you will be wearing on Christmas eve. I hope the first two inspirations posts have been useful. The outfit I have chosen to share with you this time, on the third advent, some would say it's way too boring and simple. The great thing about Mary is that she wears many different styles which makes it possible for all of us, no matter personal style, to find something we like. Personally I love the modern classics  workwear clothes and I think this white outfit would do very well at Christmas eve as well. To me white is linked to Christmas, snow and purity. I also want the four outfits to be different so I hopefully can inspire ALL of you to find the perfect evening outfit. I know many of you like the fact that Mary's style is simple and elegant and with this outfit from 2011 you get exactly these two things. The advantage of a white suit is that it can be mixed with all kinds of accessories -shoes, clutches, hair accessories, nail polish, jewellery etc- depending on what you like. As I just told you this outfit was worn in 2011 on November 23 when Frederik and Mary visited Australia. Mary is always praised when she wears suits whatever the colour is. I think this outfit is loved so much be the worlds women because she teamed it with snakeskin accessories and pearl jewelries. Classy, edgy and elegant. The white lace blouse was the feminine counterpoint to the masculine suit. Less is more.

Jacket: Asos Linen Blazer £40
Trousers: Asos Wide Leg Trousers in Linen £17.50
Blouse: Lixmee Women Simple Baze Lace Sweater $35
Ring: Macys Band in Sterling Silver £174.79
Clutch: Paul's Boutique Ida Clutch £40
Shoes: Michael Micharl Kors Snakeprint Mid Heel Court Shoes £115

Jacket: H&M Dinner Jacket £34.99
Trousers: H&M Tuxedo Trousers £24.99
Blouse: H&M Lace Top £4.00
Earrings: Majorica Pearl Drop Earrings £56.55
Ring: Ross Simons CZ Halo Band in Sterling Silver £34.39
Clutch: Asos Foldover Clutch Bag £18
Shoes: Miss KG Amelie Sling Back Court Shoes £29

Hair & Makeup

I've decided to talk about hair and makeup as one because she do not have a difficult and complicated hairstyle, just a casual blowout. I would very much like master this myself but as everything else it takes a lot of practice before your hair looks as perfect as Mary's. But of course we do not give us this easy. I was actually able to find a video with a really great tutorial how to do a similar blowout like Mary's. I'm impressed how she manage to to this so well on her own! I think it makes your hair look so groomed. In the same dark brown colour as her hair she was wearing smokey eyes makeup which is quite dramatic and heavy than she is use to. Because she's i wearing a plain white suit I love that she's experimenting with her makeup. The dusty pink lips and brown eye makeup is a adorable match. I found this tutorial how to do a simple and quite easy smokey eyes. Add some black eyeliner and here you go. You can find a million different tutorials on youtube with ideas how to use different eyeshadows. People around the globe are so talented! I'm sure you will get as inspired as I am.

So far I have never talked about underwear before in my four years as blogger and it might seems a little odd to you why now? The reason is straightforward; what can possible be worn under a white suit? You can't hide anything under white. And it is pretty uncool to flat with colored laces and stripes when the rest of the outfit is so elegant. That's why I thought it would be appropriate to share my experience with the right underwear when you wear white: seamless nude underwear. God's gift to women. Seamless underwear are extremely comfortable to wear and is invisible. If you chose this underwear you often find it with shaping effect which actually makes it even more comfortable to wear, so don't be frightened try it on and I'm sure you gonna love it. The perfect underwear to wear with a white suit.

Victoria's Secret No-Show and Seamless
Hunkemöller Basic Bras
Debenhams Shapewear

Merry third advent!