Day 2: A Visit to Japan

Friday, March 27


A.M. 9:30   Event on tourism in Greenland
A.M. 10:30 Cruise in Tokyo Bay
P.M. 12:05 Launch
P.M. 3:00  Opening of the exhibition on Greenland
P.M. 8:00  Dinner

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In yesterdays post I mentioned ‘culture’ as a factor when choosing the right clothes for a visit to Japan. And it does not get better then Mary wearing her colorful Mary Katrantzou dress with flowers on?! Right! This dress just have everything it takes to be the perfect dress for this visit. Don’t you love it? I love the fact that she is using her accessories again; day after day. It makes it more exciting for us because we get to see several differnet ways how to wear the same things and her suitcase become half as big. So clever. For instance she was wearing the nude patent Christian Louboutin pumps and her BOSS Hugo Boss suede clutch again. And all of it matched really well together. On the cruise in Tokyo Bay she wore a whit coat from Prada.

Many jewelry designers are using pearls in their collections this year, I’m thrilled because I think pearls are so beautiful and elegant. Mary often uses golden jewelry with white pearls, this was also what she did to make her outfit complete. Golden Marianne Dulong earrings with white freshwater pearl and on her finger a silver ring from the same designer (I once read that the ring was from her mother-in-law, it’s not).

Mary Katrantzou Multicolor Silver Lake Printed Dress € 945
A stunning dress with short sleeves, knee-length. I think I could use hours to just stare at this dress with all the lace pattern, colors and amazing details. Made of silk.

Christian Louboutin Simple Nude Pumps $149.00
With these pumps I understand why Christian Louboutin’s shoes are so popular…! Made of patent leather. Heel: 100mm.

BOSS Hugo Boss Beige Suede Clutch Bag Soada €270

If you are reading, looking or even following this blog you might also be interested in fashion, style, make up and beauty. Therefor I want to share this article with you ‘10 More Great Books About Fashion and Beauty’ written by the owner of the blog Read Me, Louise Owens. You gonna love it!

Danish Fashion Now! is now started…

Photo: Dr. Adams

You might remember the post I made a few weeks ago about the exhibition ‘Danish Fashion Now’ who have 10 of Crown Princess Mary’s dresses exhibited! Now you might recall what I’m talking about, if not take a look here. Yesterday the exhibition opened and displays both evening gowns and everyday dresses. To those of you who are as excited as I am to see which ten dresses, I got permission from the sweet Marianna from Books, Birkins and Beauty to show some of her photos, taken by her, from her visit. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share you photos with my other readers! You see them all below. Enjoy!

#By Malene Birger

#Ilse Jacobsen

#Ole Yde

#Birgit Hallstein

#Charlotte Lynggard

#David Andersen

#Jesper Høvring

#Designers Remix

#Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt

#Niels Kristiansen

Photo *Marianna 

Day 1: A Visit To Japan

Thursday, March 26

From the 26th of March to the 28th of March will Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary visit Tokyo, Japan, be be a part of a Greenland promotion.

On the visit will Food Minister Dan Jørgensen, the Premier Kim Kielsen, Minister of hunting, fishing and farming Karl Kristian Kruse and a deligation from Greenland enterprises participate with the Crown Prince Couple.


P.M. 2:00 Seminar about fish and shallfish
P.M. 2:50 Event about bullying n Kyu Asakurake Jutaku
P.M. 4:00 Seminar about the Arctic
P.M. 6:30 Greenlandic Music Event
P.M. 7:45 Dinner

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The first outfit she wore:
If someone told me I had to go to Japan for three days with ministers and a 1000 photographers from around the world, I first of all would be scare but second I would not know what to wear at all. The japanies cultur is a bit differnent then in Danmark (nothing bad about that!!). Everything is just moving so fast in these contries such as the fashion. So what do you choose to wear? Well, what Mary did was wearing a outfit very clean and with simple accessories. Then you’re never wrong.
It’s the second time we see her in the double breasted Stella McCartney jacket with the pink snake pattern. With the black pants she showed  little winter and spring colors which I like. Sometimes it’s hard to chose whether you must wear only dark or bright colors – so why not mix them. Even though she did not envent something new, it works. To match the bright jacket she carried a beige, suede BOSS Hugo Boss clutch.

I was so sure she was wearing her beige/black ballet flats from Chanel but according to Royalista they comes from Prada. We thank them! She also wore her nude Christian Louboutin Simple Pump 100mm. What made this look more feminine was the shint diamond accessories. The small earrings and the ring on her right hand.

Stella McCartney Edwige Coat $ 1,799.00 Thanks to all of you who helped me with this coat, now I finally have more pictures and information’s about it! Features long sleeves, is double breasted, a round high neck and pockets on each side.

BOSS Hugo Boss Soada A beige clutch bag, design very simple with a removable strap. Features a button as closure. Made of suede.

Prada Black Cap-Toe Ballet Flats €557
With the help from the sweet reader, Chris, you now see the right model she was wearing. A beige Prada model, features a black patent leather cap toe and a beige bow. Made of patent leather.

The second outfit she wore:

Later the same day she changed to an really beautiful and feminine outfit. With the help from Lurdes (Treasures & Tiaras) I can tell that her nude sky blue lace dress with long sleeves, is from Dolce & Gabbana. Because the lack of pictures it’s a bit difficult to tell you which jewelry she was wearing. Some kind of aquamarine earrings. Maybe these grey Gianvito Rossi pumps Suede Point-Toe Pumps. Maybe we get some more pictures tomorrow. I’m one of those girls who adore lace and pastel colors! For me this was the absolutely perfect outfit. With her she had a beige shawl and of course a grey suede clutch to match the pumps.

Dolce & Gabbana Sky blue lace dress with long sleeves
The wonderful dress is from D&G’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection.

I look forward to see the next days and what she will be wearing. Hope you are ready as well!

Our CP Mary Obsession #2

It is so amazing that so many of you want to participate in this. Sometimes I wonder if some people are afraid of telling others about their royal passion? For me it comes very natural or now I’m might be lying a bit because before I got the job at Royalista, only a few people actually knew I had a blog. But all knew that I love the Royals and follow them. I’m so thrilled that some of you don’t care and love to be a little royal, just like our next obsession post and this time we hear from a woman who comes from Mary’s homeland, the amazing Australia: say hallo and welcome to May! Are you as excited as I am to hear her story? Well here it comes.

In the first place, why did you choose to follow Crown Princess Mary the feature Queen of the little country Denmark? This is the first question May answered with these words:

“I'm Australian, so, it's the fairy tale that has captured my heart, interest and fascination. I enjoy following her fashion choices and I’m interested in how she handles her various roles as a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter and future Queen”

For me one of the most interessting things is to know more about your Mary-addiction/hobby/obession so May tell me about it. How did it start?

“It all started with magazines and newspapers. Then the mandatory daily visits to my favourite royal websites for up to date reports on her movements etc. It has also led me to follow other royal couples around the world.” She also tells that: “I have travelled to many countries in Europe and always visit the palaces, where I can. I am interested in the history and royal stories over the past centuries. A really cool thing May has done is to visit several countries to see her facination in real life: “Over the years, I have been fortunate to visit London during Kate and Wills's wedding, then again during the birth of Prince George. I was in Stockholm last year for the King's birthday and was at the palace during the celebrations. In Copenhagen last year, I consulted the royal calendar and went to a function that Crown Princess Mary was attending to see her 'live'!”

When she went to Copenhagen to see Mary and the way she describes her is like in a Hollywood movie: “When she stepped out of the car, it was wow! She has such star quality, beauty and charisma.”

All good stories has a beginning and really wanted to know why has this become an addiction ot her? The answer she gave, which you of course can read below, is something I myself recognize. Maybe we both are a little crazy or just use too much time on the Royals…?

“It has become a daily habit and I feel like I know them personally!  It is also a matter of pride that my family and friends (although they tease me about it), consider me to be the 'expert' on royal matters.” I asked her what her loved once think of her interest in the Royals and the little obsession. I love the answer she gave: “They have a wry smile but they indulge in my obsession!”

So what is the next thing you plan to do with your Mary-addiction/hobby/obsession?

“I plan to visit Copenhagen again and see more royal sites and hopefully see the Royal family in person, would love to see Christian, Isabella and the twins. They are so cute!”

I must say that May is ambitious, even though I do not know her in person, but she wants to learn Danish. One of the most difficult language to learn because as she says: “It is frustrating watching Billed Bladet’s videos but not understanding what they say and it would be good to read the books and magazines without translation packages.” May, trust me you are not the only one out there who wants to do that. I feel a little lucky I do not need to learn it!

The last thing she writes is: “Of course, I would love to have a piece of fashion item that Mary has...maybe a Prada bag!” I hope you will be the owner of such a bag!

… the end …

Now You Can be the Next Owner!

About a year ago I got in contact with this amazing woman and she is as crazy as I am with Crown Princess Mary’s clothes! For so long I have admired her huge collection, she owns much more then I do. Shortly after we got to know each other she showed me pictures as all her clothes and huge archive of pictures of Mary’s fashion. Maybe you’ll not believe it but in that archive I found so many things I had never been before. This increatable woman is called Diana.

Now Diana has decided to sell out of her wardrobe and I have made a deal with her that I’m alowed to give you the chance to buy these pieces!! Isn’t that great?! I would buy all of it, if it was in my size… Note that the clothes of course are pre-owned but in very good condition, there is only ONE of each (so you have to be quick if you want some of it).
Note that the clothes comes from a pet- and smoke free home. It’s a private sale and there is no guarantee/warranty or return/exchange.

A little update because you get the chance once again because; Diana has chosen to sell the rest of her clothes, shown here and more, on Ebay so hurry up and get some of all there amazing clothes! You find her under the account name: heisseschnuppeline1 or follow this like here. Give a bit and maybe it'll be yours. Wish you the best of luck and I hope you get the items you like the most!! Happy buying.

Dress from Hugo Boss, Size DE 36. Made of 70% cotton, 30% silk

Blouse from Hugo Boss, Size DE 36. Made of 100% silk

Dress from Designers Remix Collection, Size DE 36

Dress from Baum und Pferdgarten, Size DE 36. Made of 100% silk

Pants from DAY Birger Et Mikkelsen, Size DE 36. Made of 50% cotton.

Sweater from Unkown designer, Size S/M

Cardigan from Alberta Ferretti, Size De 38 IT 42. Made of 29% virgin wool, 8% cashmere, 8% angora, 100% silk

Blouse from Rützou, Size DE 34/36. Made of 100% silk

Jacket from Heartmade, Size DE 36. Made of 90% virgin wool

Jacket from By Malene Birger, Size 36. Made of 55% wool

Jakcet from Baum und Pferdgarten, Size DE 34/36. Made of 49% virgin wool, 5% silk, 100% silk

Jacket from Heartmade, Size DE 34/36

Jacket from Australian Country Road, Size S. Made of 100% linen
Blouse from Hug Boss, Size DE 34. Made of 96% Silk

A ‘Royal’ Ball with the navy

Saturday, March 14

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the cadet ball at the Naval Academy, Copenhagen.

Don’t get confussed, I know the date is not quite right because this event was last week. At that moment no pictures were published, which made me wonder: why?! I hate when we know that they are going to something, especially a ball, and there are absolutely no pictures to find anywhere. So annoying. Well a week after a few pictures has now been published and therefor you get the post now. 1 2 3 4 5

What a great thing to see her wear old gowns again! According to Billed Bladet is the dress from Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt. The huge earrings in her ears has to be the ‘Winter Frost’ from Ole Lynggaard with a large stone pendant and she may also be wearing the breacelet from the same collection. I have to say, I do not like the shawl over her shoulder it do not match the dress at all. It just looks… wrong.

Thanks to all of you who have tried to help me with the question: when did Mary first wore the dress? I was so sure she first wore the dress back in 2005-2007 I was wrong. With the help from the blog Mary From the Start (you have to take a look at her amazing blog!!) and the help from another sweet reader were so kind to tell me that she wore the brown dress in March 2008 at an event in Sølyst, Klampenborg And Australian arrangement. The second time is few years ago, 2010, when Prince Charles and Camilla visited Denmark.

What I like is the natural and elegant make up and her hair style is so feminine and romantic.

I swear to Essie or Chanel when it comes to nail polish. Their color are so bright and they last for a long time. I really like the color on Mary’s nails, she has been wearing burgundy nail polish more then once and actually it’s often the color she uses. My on little collection only contains all shades of red including this and this.

2. day: State vist from the Netherlands

Wednesday, Marc 18

Program: Samsø

A.M. 10:25 Welcome with the mayor
A.M. 10:50 Vistit at ‘Samsø Efterskole’
A.M. 11:20 Visiting ‘Ballen Brundby’ heating plant
A.M. 11:40 Visiting the ‘Energy Academy’
P.M. 12:15 Lunch
P.M. 4:00 Visiting the ‘Bispebjerg Hospital’
P.M. 7:00 Return gala at The Black Diamond, Copenhagen

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Another day with a warm cape, long boots and a new hat! The future queen Mary with her husband and Queen Maxima with her husband visited Samsø and both were dressed so beautifully in clothes that macthed so well. The outfit Mary had chosen was a bit surprising for me but I like it so much, the perfect autumn/spring outfit with the turtleneck and the new grey cape from Ralph Lauren. The black skirt is for me a reuse. And of course did you notice the new Susanne Juul hat. Do you think it’s a GO or NO GO? I love it for this outfit and it gives her look something exiting and I’m a fan of hats – we need to use hats more then we do! The hat also gave attention to the amazing Ole Lynggard Winter Frostearrings and of course her beatiful face. For a sec. just look at her face – it looks like porcelain!! I’m 20 and my skin does even not look like hers… : D

Maxima wore a caramel color coat and some snake pumps from L.K. Bennett in contrast Mary who wore knee-length Valentino boots and with the weather we have in Denmark right now I would have followed Mary with the boots. She also carried a white handbag from Prada, it must be her favourite model of Prada bags. The choice with the black pearl/gold bracelet, Marianne Dulong, I can’t see anything ‘fancy’ about because she is wearing the stunning earrings. For me it would be better if she had chosen one of them, the design and style of the two thing are too differnet for my taste.
She also repeated the success with curly hair put up in a very simple hairstyle, how I like it. Take the note that all four of them have so much fun with each other and they laugh all the time, so great to see!

At Samsø

Ralph Lauren Grey Wool Cape A wonderful cape from the Ralph Lauren Polo Ready-to-Wear Fall 2014/2015 collection. You like it?

Susanne Juul Felt hat with bow DKK 2,400.00
From Susanne Juul’s ready made hats. It matched her outfit so good!

Valentino Blush Knee Boots DKK 3,755.00
The heel measures approx. 100mm and is a classic knee high boot with almond toe. Made of leather. Such a pretty pair of boots.

Prada Saffinao Cuir Double Bag €2,050.00
Cameo is the made of the nice color. Has double leather handels and a removable shoulder strap. Made of leather.

At the return gala

The first picture I saw was of Queen Maxima and she looked so stunning in dark orange gown! I couldn’t wait to see how Mary was dressed and to all of you who have expressed that Mary looked dull and sad should be ashamed because she showed everything at this gala. Everything we could only dream of and yesterday she had the courage to waer something compleatly else then the others with the white Birgit Hallstein dress. Red and black are symbolized as some of the sexiest colors at all and those she had on, it does not get better. The floor-length gown is a recycled By Malene Birger dress with layers and layers of ruffels. This is the third time Mary wears it, it was made for her back in 2010 in her early pregnancy with the twins and three years later, 2013, she wore it to a private birthday party. Over her shoulder she had a thin lace shawl from Heartmade worn several times before, also with the gown.

Of course you remember the golden earrings (which I own, yeah!) her ‘Queen Earrings’ and on her right arm there were some golden bracelets as well. To make the outfit even more elegant, if that’s possible, she carried black Prada pumps and a black little leather clutch. The last finish is of course her read nail polish, lipstick and the red headpiece. I know many of you, including me, have been looking for a close-up photo of this specific piece and now the wonderful Kate finally found one HERE and what's more crazy - she also identified it! Can you believe it?! The beautiful piece comes from Dolce & Gabbana. You find it HERE.

Portuguese Jewelry Queen Earrings 39.00 €

Dolce & Gabbana Swarovski Crystl-Embellished Hair Comb €645 (!!!)
Yes I know, Mary's are really beautiful but also very very expensive. I really like that she is using something to make her hear looks even more amazing. If you like this as much as I do, you have HERE one that a bit more inexpenvise. These 'hair combs can be bought anywhere. Good luck with the hunt!

Prada Black Satin Pumps With the very characteristic heel as Parda’s shoes often have, would love to own them….!